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January 24, 2008

Dear Friend,

We're pretty sure that you have already heard about Ocean Champions' Win-a-Trip to Mexico contest. But, hey. Sometimes people need a little more coaxing before they actually act on an amazing offer...LIKE WINNING A WEEK TRIP TO MEXICO FOR FOUR PEOPLE!

So we tossed around a few ideas about why some of you haven't entered yet. Our top 5:

Number 5: "I'm afraid the people I introduce to Ocean Champions are the people I'll have to take to Mexico."
Yeah. We understand. While Uncle Louigi seems like a perfect Ocean Champion, maybe his pasty white legs and madras bermudas are NOT what you want to be looking at in Mexico. Just because you invite three people to join, that doesn't mean these are the people who go to Mexico with you. It can be anyone you choose!

Number 4: You have a defeatist complex: "I never win anything!"
Like they say, 'if you don't play, you can't win.' And lets face it, by spreading the word about our work at Ocean Champions, you'll always be a winner!!

Number 3: "I need Ocean Champions to spell it out for me again."
No worries. It's easy. Here is the direct link to our sign-up page:
Just copy and paste this URL into a new email, send to your friends, and tell them this:
"Hey Friend, sign up to get informative e-news from Ocean Champions. They're cool. And put my name in the referral box, so I can win a trip to Mexico! "

Number 2: "But, how in the world will I offset my carbon footprint from traveling?"
Uh huh. We love how you eco-types are always watching out for our planet. Rest assured, you'll assuage your guilty conscious with a VIP tour of new eco-lux resort Playa Viva. You'll get to plant mangrove trees and release baby sea turtles - that should balance out the carbon karma.

And, finally, our Number 1 Guess at why you haven't signed up yet...

Number 1: "My friends might not understand my fanatical devotion to Ocean Champions."
Don't worry. You're not signing your friends up for some pyramid network scam where they'll have to sell burping plastic containers for the rest of their lives. You're introducing them to Ocean Champions; a community of like-minded people who put their connection to healthy oceans into political action.
(And, besides, our virtual etiquette is beyond reproach. Your friends can always 'opt out' - but they won't want to).

You have until March 1st to get three people to sign up for our informative e-news. Beat those winter doldrums by winning a trip to Mexico. You owe it to yourself, and the oceans!

For the oceans,

The Ocean Champions Team

Contributions to Ocean Champions are not tax deductible and may be used for political purposes such as supporting or opposing candidates.

For more information or questions about Ocean Champions, e-mail info@oceanchampions.org.
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