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One Week for the Oceans

Well, it's come down to this.  Our sources are telling us that there is likely to be a vote on whether to allow offshore drilling next Friday, September 12th.  Unfortunately, the same sources are also telling us that some additional drilling may get authorized, unless we turn things around.

We've given you all the arguments, and we all know it's a bad idea that won't reduce gas prices while putting our coasts unnecessarily at risk.  We are continuing to spread the message on Capitol Hill that new offshore drilling is the wrong move.  But we need all hands on deck to reinforce our efforts, and the best thing you can do is write a letter to the editor today:


We're not giving up yet.  We will never give up on ocean health.  That's why we need you to step up your efforts by writing your local paper today:


We'll make sure that members of Congress see your letter -- those letters have ten times the impact of sending an email directly to a member.  This is the highest impact action you can take given the time.

You can also help by contributing to Ocean Champions.  Your generous contribution helps fund our lobbying efforts, and we can't turn this thing around without your support.

Time is short, so please act for the oceans now.

The Ocean Champions Team

P.S.  The real picture becomes clear when Sen. John McCain admits that the only purpose of drilling offshore is to provide "psychological benefits" to American consumers...check this out and join the discussion on our blog.

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