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Ocean Champions: Political Champions for Ocean Conservation

Dear Friend,

As an ocean champion, you know what is at stake on Election Day tomorrow.

You know that to pass policies that will protect dolphins, sea turtles and sharks, and will keep coastal water clean and safe, we need to elect candidates who care about these things. So you know that Election Day is one of the biggest games out there for ocean health.

But you’ve prepared for this:
  • You’ve kept up with all the Ocean Champions endorsements, so you know the candidates who care about the ocean, want to help, and are in position to take action.

  • You’ve gone swimming, surfing, fishing, boating or beachcombing to remind yourself of how much the oceans mean to you.

  • You’ve been breathing (since, after all, the oceans do produce half of Earth’s oxygen)!

So you’re ready for the big game! Now, you just need to go out and play hard, because in this year’s election, many of our endorsed candidate’s races are too close to call, and every vote will count!

So we ask that you:
  • Remind yourself of who the best ocean champions are.

  • If you live in a district or state where an ocean champions is running, please go vote for them!

  • If you have friends or family who live in a district or state where an ocean champion is running, please encourage them to “vote the ocean!”

We appreciate all the great things you do for the ocean, and our endorsed candidates know they have a great base of support from ocean lovers like you. Thank you.

Elections Matter For the Oceans,

The Ocean Champions Team

P.S.  Thanks to your generosity, Ocean Champions was able to provide huge last minute support - donations, advertising, etc. - for our champions in close races.  The world's dolphins, turtles, sharkes and fish thank you for helping the leaders who protect them!

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