Feminist Majority

Email the House - Stop the Fake VAWA!

This is it. The fake Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization will be voted on by the House this Wednesday and we must defeat it.

Act now to stop the "fake VAWA" being pushed by House Republicans. Passing the real VAWA instead will prevent untold horrors to women in the most desperate and violent circumstances.

Unbelievably, the version of VAWA introduced by House Republicans Eric Cantor and Sandy Adams guts longstanding confidentiality rules, requiring that abusers be notified by U.S. authorities if their immigrant partners seek protection under VAWA, further endangering these women at the very moment that they are seeking to escape.

Tell Congress now that you want the real VAWA, the Senate-passed bipartisan VAWA, that retains protections for immigrant women, the LGBT community, and Native American Women.

Don't wait – tell Congress that you want the Senate-passed bipartisan Violence Against Women Act, and please forward this message widely. There's not a moment to spare.