1 Billion Rising

U.S. College Students, Parents & Alumnae RISE - THIS IS THE MOMENT

The energy from ONE BILLION RISING continues with action steps!

This week the House of Representatives will be voting on the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

Women’s groups, advocates, and survivors have worked to show support for the inclusive, bipartisan Senate-passed bill, S. 47, and though this will be brought to the floor for a vote the work is far from over.

An alternate version of the bill has just been introduced that falls short of our goals for VAWA including dropping provisions to strengthen protections and security for students on college campuses, including the initiative to erase rape kit backlogs and other provisions found in the SAFER Act. Action must be taken this week to show support for S. 47, the inclusive, bipartisan Senate-passed bill version.


This action is being distributed with the assistance of the Feminist Majority.


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