Feminist Majority

Write to Congress - help support contraceptive coverage now!

We are asking you to stand with us in supporting President Obama and Secretary Sebelius' announced HHS rule under the Affordable Care Act's preventive health benefit package that requires insurers to provide women employees and women dependents, including those of religiously-affiliated institutions, birth control without co-pays or deductibles, without extra cost, and without opt-in or opt-out clauses.

The fight has now moved to Congress. Several Senators who had problems with the original proposal have announced they will support the Obama plan. Republican leaders, however, in the House and Senate are moving legislation forward to stop this preventive coverage for women. We must strengthen the resolve of Congress members to vote no against such proposals that are hostile to the needs of women's health. We must have as large of a "no" vote as possible to slow such attacks on women's health care. Congressional members must hear a vast outcry. It is 2012 and women must decide, not their bosses nor school administrators.