Feminist Majority

Fix the Broken Filibuster System

In the past few years, Republican Senators have abused a broken filibuster system to keep feminist and progressive legislation from becoming law. We must tell the Senate that we won’t let them undermine our democracy.

Since 2006 when Harry Reid took office, there have been 385 cloture motions filled. They’ve used this tactic to prevent improvements to the Equal Pay Act that would improve the possible remedies of sex discrimination cases. Republicans have held tax cuts for 98% of the American population hostage by going so far as to filibuster one of their own motions.
The Feminist Majority, as part of the Fix the Senate Now coalition, is urging Senators to do the right thing and fix the broken filibuster system. Stand with us – tell your Senator that you support Senate Rules Reform and they should too. Sign our petition today!
We cannot let such blatant disregard for women and the political process continue. We need reform that will require those wishing to filibuster to take the floor and explain why (“talking filibusters”), eliminating the ability to filibuster the motion to proceed, and requiring 41 Senators to vote to continue debate and force the dissent to gather support instead of the majority opinion.
We must make our voices heard now! Sign our petition to stop filibuster abuse!