Feminist Majority

Urge Governor Brown to sign Assembly Bill 10 and Senate Bill 169 into law—and support the girls and women enrolled in California schools. These two bills are crucial for ensuring equity for students of all genders—and in this political climate, they're more pivotal than ever. A.B. 10 will improve access to menstrual products for low-income students in public schools. S.B. 169 will amend the Education Code to codify the Obama-era guidances on Title IX that the Trump administration recently decided to rescind—putting survivors at risk in the process. 

Too many girls in California schools have skipped class because they got their periods. Too many survivors are facing systems that attempt to silence and discredit them, putting them at risk of dropping out or being pushed off of their campuses.

With less than two weeks left for California governor Jerry Brown to sign bills into law, we have got to call, write, tweet @JerryBrownGov and tell him, he must sign AB 10 and SB 169 to ensure gender quality in our schools. Send Governor Brown a letter TODAY urging him to sign AB 10 and SB 169 before they expire on October 15!