Feminist Majority

Stop Judicial Nominee Brett Talley

The Senate will soon vote on whether or not to approve a shameful and shocking nominee, Brett Talley, to serve as a District Judge for the Middle District of Alabama.

Brett Talley is beyond unqualified to serve in a lifetime appointment as a federal judge. The 36-year-old has never tried a case as a lawyer and the American Bar Association has unanimously evaluated him to be "not qualifed" to be a judge, a rare decision by the respected body.

In addition, Talley has blogged extensively about his unequivocal support of the right to bear arms and his belief that Roe v. Wade, recognizing the constiutional right to abortion, was wrongly decided. Talley also failed to disclose to the public or the Senate Judiciary Committee that he is marred to the current White House Counsel's Chief of Staff, an obvious conflict of interest.

Demand that your Senators uphold the reputation of the judiciary and reject Brett Talley's nomination.