Feminist Majority

Stop the Cruel GOP Tax Plan

Republicans in the House of Representatives voted two weeks ago on a bill that would give massive tax cuts to big corporations and the super-rich at the expense of everyday people working to make ends meet. By the time this bill is fully implemented, people making under $75,000 a year will be paying more in taxes while people who make over $75,000 pay less.

The Senate is now considering their version of a tax plan that would raise taxes for lower-income Americans and repeal the Affordable Care Act mandate, which would cause premiums to go up by 10% leave 13 million people without health insurance.

Send a fax to Senators Johnson, Collins, Corker, Flake, and Murkowski demanding that they oppose this dangerous tax plan. Our health, our families, and our pocketbooks are on the line.

 Completing the form will automaticly submit the fax for you.