Represent All of New York - All of New York

I write to you as a concerned citizen in hopes that you will join me this election season in voicing your support for freedom of religion and cultural expression for all New Yorkers. The opposition to the proposed Islamic cultural center in Lower Manhattan, Park51, attacks fundamental American values, flies in the face of New York’s rich history of diversity and inclusion, does nothing to protect us from terrorists and undermines our democratic political processes.  As your constituent I ask that you, my elected representative, speak out against bigotry and intolerance by endorsing the coalition statement of New York Neighbors for American Values, or by issuing an independent statement voicing your support for Park51. Please join me and many other New Yorkers in saying “no” to those who would seek to divide us and distract voters from the important employment, education and safety issues we all care so much about this election season.

Although tolerance and diversity have sustained and helped define our state and nation, most religious, racial and ethnic groups have at one time or another been the target of discrimination and bigotry, and many still face such challenges today.  Despite this, our fundamental values of tolerance and openness continue to expand when principled voices rise above the rhetoric of fear and hatred.  

New York Neighbors for American Values, a diverse coalition of individuals and organizations, represents tens of thousands of voters and residents across the city and state who have come together to reaffirm that New York is proud to include Muslim-American community members and institutions. New York Neighbors opposes those who would attack our fellow New Yorkers based on their religion, heritage and culture and is calling on citizens, legislators and candidates in the city and state to live up to the values of diversity and inclusion that Americans have fought for and held dear for centuries. (You can read New York Neighbors’ call to action for candidates and elected officials here.)

Our Constitution's founding freedoms extend to every person and every house of worship, regardless of creed or color. Muslim, Arab and Middle Eastern Americans must be welcomed on every street and in every town square across the nation.  I hope that in this time of controversy, you will join me and New York Neighbors for American Values in supporting religious and cultural freedom by standing up for the right of American Muslims to build Park 51. Please represent New York—all of New York—by publicly stating your support for Park51 and endorsing the coalition statement of New York Neighbors for American Values. Visit today to add your name in support.

With thanks,