To Scholastic CEO Dick Robinson: Give Guild Members Back Our Bonus!

In an e-mail sent to all Scholastic employees, you, Mr. Robinson, were proud to announce: "Scholastic had an outstanding year with strong performances across the company. All parts of the company executed well and contributed to solid growth in the current year."

"As a thank you for the outstanding company performance in 2012, bonuses will be awarded to all full- and part-time employees in the U.S. You will receive a bonus payment on August 10, 2012, equal to an additional one-week’s pay, based on your salary as of May 31, 2012."

"This thank you payment recognizes the important contributions you have made to our record year and underscores the fact that your dedication is what makes us the leader in children’s publishing, education, and media as we move our business to more digital products and distribution. "

Eleven days later, the company contacted The Newspaper Guild of New York, and informed Local Representative Bobby Townsend that Guild - represented Scholastic employees were not included in the "Thank You Bonus" and had been sent the notice of the extra week's pay by mistake.

Apparently, someone decided that we Guild-represented Scholastic employees - we who create the content on which so many students and teachers rely - DO NOT, as you so eloquently stated: " work at the highest level to support our customers—in the field, on-line and on the phone providing service, in our warehouses making sure every child gets the right book, and in our offices developing product, managing our sales, operations and finances."

So, the bonus the rest of Scholastic's employees will receive on August 10th is a "thank you" for all they, but NOT Guild-represented employees, do to help children read and learn in the US and throughout the world.

Mr. Robinson, Guild represented employees are just as deserving of a "thank you" for our ongoing hard work and support for the company.

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