Thu, May 09, 2013
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Organizers and Change-Makers, Not Martyrs

You are an Organizer. You are a Change-Maker. You do this work because you have witnessed the power of you and your friends, working side by side for long hours, to alter the course of history.

In the culture of organizers at unions, campaigns, philanthropic organizations or non-profits, we push ourselves because the suffering and obstacles we are up against are intense. And when it comes down to it, there can never be too many votes, too many donations, or too many activists marching for justice.  Stress, overwork, and unhealthy work practices are accepted as the norm even though they cause lower productivity and burnout.

Nick Jehlen / Action MillJoin us May 9 at Organizers and Change-Makers: Not Martyrs to find out how we can do better for ourselves and our organizations.  

Join The Action Mill's Nick Jehlen , Dara Silverman and Organizing 2.0 for an evening about how we can move towards sustainability in our work as organizers. 

As organizers, we often fight harder for other's health than our own. We know that health plans must include preventative care and our energy sources must be sustainable. We fight for wages that match the work being completed. But we often fail to apply these values to our own work.'

Dara SilvermanThe answers are in development from places like the Action Mill, which researches and designs tools that create better workplaces for people. They look at work habits, organizational structure, communication tools and more that have practical implications towards healthier and more resilient workplaces. 

It is not just about taking better care of ourselves as individuals, but creating work environments that help everyone to be more productive over the long-term so we are ready to grow our movements and sustain them for the road to come.

This event is wheelchair accessible.

Event Location

North Star Fund
520 8th Ave, Suite 2230
New York, NY 10018

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