I Stand With Hank on LGBT

No statewide campaign in Texas history--Democratic or Republican--has ever addressed civil rights issues facing LGBT Texans in such a manner.

Knowing that discrimination exists in Texas and doing nothing about it goes against everything I stand for. I can promise you that this policy will prompt attacks on me and my campaign from every corner of the the right wing of the Republican Party. The rightwing noise box will go into overdrive attacking this plan and trying to convince Texans that it is "radical" or "wrong" or "immoral."

The office of governor is, among other things, a position from which to lead the state toward innovations in public policy which will lead to a better future for all Texans. For someone to seek that office—let alone attain it—and stay quiet on an issue they strongly believe in, because it is perceived as controversial or untimely, is unconscionable.

The issue of equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals is the new civil rights battle of the 21st century. When it came to the civil rights battles of the last two centuries involving African Americans and Latinos, Texas came to sit at the table of equality very late.

It is a mistake we cannot repeat. LGBT citizens in Texas deserve more. Our state must not relegate any Texan to the status of second-class citizens.

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117 December 11, 2009
116 December 10, 2009
115 December 05, 2009
114 November 27, 2009 Tamara Keaton
113 November 23, 2009 Spencer Duran
112 November 22, 2009 Christoper Utchell
111 November 22, 2009 James Russell
110 November 22, 2009 ODETTE AGUIAR
109 November 22, 2009 Bret Haney
108 November 20, 2009 maria de jesus martinez
107 November 20, 2009 Ernest Halsell
106 November 19, 2009 DEREK DARNELL
105 November 18, 2009
104 November 17, 2009 Tia Ables
103 November 15, 2009
102 November 13, 2009 Justin Voorhees
101 November 13, 2009 Joe Martinez
100 November 13, 2009
99 November 12, 2009 Kendall Scudder
98 November 12, 2009 Richard Abraham
97 November 11, 2009 Kenna Giffin
96 November 10, 2009
95 November 09, 2009 Loretta Kappel
94 November 08, 2009 Susan Raybuck
93 November 07, 2009 Janelle Rath
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