State Bank bill passes committee... let's thank Senator Shields!

Today is the deadline for bills in the Oregon State Senate to leave their committee of origin–or die. This last-minute legislative rush leaves plenty of good bills waiting until next term.

However, thanks to the leadership of Senator Chip Shields and the hard work of the Legislative Fiscal Office, the State Bank bill passed out of committee today.

We, the undersigned, wish to express our warm-hearted thanks to Sen. Chip Shields and the hard working employees of the Legislative Fiscal Office in the state capitol.

You went above and beyond he call of duty, working down to the wire to ensure that the state bank bill could pass out of committee today.

This is a great first step towards supporting Oregon's small businesses, family farmers, and local community bankers!
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1346 Wed Jan 21 13:37:46 EST 2015 J Nova Eugene, OR 203 -->202Thank you for your work on passing the State Bank bill out of committee. What little I've read about a state bank for Oregon seems to indicate that it would be a boon to small businesses within Oregon.
1345 Tue Aug 27 14:25:11 EDT 2013 sharon kness cottage grove, OR thank you for your courage and wisdom in making this choice
1344 Sun Jul 22 00:03:57 EDT 2012 Swearingen Portland, OR thanks for your persistence and dedication
1343 Tue Dec 13 20:28:24 EST 2011 jphn Cox Sarasota, FL ...thanks for your ongoing work
1342 Sat Aug 06 16:27:34 EDT 2011 Jerry Atkinson Bend, OR You are a great patriot of Oregon and the USA. Thank you for standing with WE THE PEOPLE. This is a great step to restoring our monetary policy in Oregon to the people of our great state, and out of the More....
1341 Sat Aug 06 16:23:47 EDT 2011 Jerry Atkinson Bend, OR
1340 Wed Jul 27 02:15:42 EDT 2011 Johnson EUGENE, OR
1339 Sun Jul 10 11:14:40 EDT 2011 Sam Beaton Murphy, OR A Oregonian owned bank is a great move in the right direction! Keep up the good work. Thanks
1338 Mon Jun 20 17:48:55 EDT 2011 Tomas Bozack BROOKINGS, OR
1337 Mon Jun 06 01:37:15 EDT 2011 Bill Downey Portland, OR Keep up the "GREAT WORK".
Oregonians THANK YOU!
1336 Sun May 22 19:25:25 EDT 2011 Happy Voter Thank you so much for helping Oregon become stabilized fiscally just like North Dakota. All you need to do is look at our state debt clock to know how important having a state bank is....especially with More....
1335 Tue May 17 18:44:48 EDT 2011 Steven Wagner Tillamook, OR
1334 Fri May 13 15:40:19 EDT 2011 carol aho AHO portland, OR
1333 Tue May 10 21:34:00 EDT 2011 Lynn Roethler Portland, OR Thank you for not giving up!
1332 Sun May 08 22:21:11 EDT 2011 Jeannie Lehl Thank you for moving the state bank bill out of committee!
1331 Wed May 04 19:47:59 EDT 2011 Brian Anderson Portland, OR A state bank just makes sense. It's a very Oregon thing to do.
1330 Fri Apr 29 22:17:13 EDT 2011 Gerald Shrader Dallas, OR Thank you Senator Shields for all your work at helping to get the State Bank Bill passed. Gerald Shrader
1329 Fri Apr 29 13:26:09 EDT 2011 marco zonka OR Thank you Senator Shields for doing the one and most imperatively important thing that any people can do for the betterment and collective good of us all: own our own menetary destiny! Please keep up the More....
1328 Thu Apr 28 19:25:08 EDT 2011 Juanita Rosene Ashland, OR
1327 Thu Apr 28 18:50:24 EDT 2011 Ginger Pierce Beaverton, OR
1326 Thu Apr 28 08:25:27 EDT 2011 Mark Schwebke Portland, OR Nice work Chip, we definitely need to keep this project on the front burner...
1324 Wed Apr 27 16:34:03 EDT 2011 John Mijo Portland, OR Thank you very much for helping the people who are not rich. You have my vote! Keep up the good work in the future!
1323 Wed Apr 27 15:16:29 EDT 2011 Grant Plowman Phoenix, OR
1322 Wed Apr 27 00:48:56 EDT 2011 Karen Miller NEWBERG, OR Thanks for your hard work for Oregon!
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