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Share your story: What's keeping the American Dream out of reach?

Growing up, you learn that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. It's the American Dream: a good job, a place of your own, and a sense of stability and security -- that we are all supposed to be able to reach, if we just work hard and play by the rules.

In two weeks, the Rural Organizing Project, Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity, and Working Families, along with MoveOn.org and Rebuild the Dream, are hosting a non-partisan candidates forum for the candidates running to represent Oregon’s 1st Congressional District in Congress. Those candidates need hear that the American Dream is slipping further and further out of reach.

There's where you come in. This race is about more than just Oregon’s 1st District, it’s about Oregon, so that’s why we need you to share your story of how this tough economy is impacting you and your family. 

How is this economy impacting you and your family? Share your story.

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