Pledge to vote MOM-Partisan!

The Connecticut Working Families is launching a new initiative: the MOM-Partisan Agenda!

It seeks to empower mothers and families in a new and difficult economic climate. It rejects partisan bickering that has stymied progress and instead seeks to foster effective solutions on a variety of issues. Whether you are a mom or not, an economy that works for women and mothers is good for everyone.

We have fought and won battles that have provided much needed relief to our workers. Despite those victories, women continue to face serious disparities in our changing economy:

  • Women make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. For a women of color, the pay gap is even larger with African American women making 64 cents and Latina women making 55 cents for every dollar a white man makes.
  • Women make up two thirds of the minimum wage workforce, yet often have little opportunity of upward mobility.
  • 80% of mothers have the primary responsibility to take their children to medical appointments, but over 50% of working mothers are unable to take time off of work to care for a sick child.
  • Women represent more than two-thirds of adults providing substantial assistance to elderly parents. Female caregivers are more likely to live in poverty and receive public assistance in old age.
  • Women have endured the decline of employment rights like protections from sexual harassment and discrimination. In the last ten years the number of pregnancy discrimination charges has increased 35%.
  • Only 45% of the 62 million wage and salary earning women in the U.S. participate in a retirement plan, partly because women are more likely to work part time jobs.

We need to do more to create economic opportunity and security. The ultimate goal of the MOM-Partisan Agenda is to build an economy that works for mothers and families by guaranteeing:

  • Good jobs with fair pay that close the gender gap in compensation
  • Workplace benefits like Paid Sick Days for short term illnesses and Paid Family and Medical Leave for long term medical conditions and maternity and paternity leave
  • Flexibility and consistency in workplace scheduling
  • Empowering parents and educators in our public education system
  • Debt free higher education opportunities for every family
  • The ability to retire with financial security and dignity
  • Fair tax policies for families like the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Accessible and affordable health care
  • Accessible and affordable child care options
  • Support for female entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Protections against sexual harassment in the workplace

Sign below and pledge to be a MOM-Partisan voter: