Sat, Jan 28, 2012
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Oregon WFP "Voices of the City" Candidate Forum

Last year, we saw a major shift in the political conversation.  The focus changed from cuts and austerity and landed squarely on the 1% and the fact that more and more of the country's wealth is being held by less and less of the population.

With unemployment stuck over 8% and wages stagnant, working families across the city of Portland are really worried about how they're going to make ends meet.

In May, the City of Portland will be holding a primary election for Mayor and City Council. As voters, we need to make sure the candidates know how this tough economy is affecting ordinary working families.

On January 28th, we’ll be holding a forum at Portland State University with the candidates vying to serve as Mayor of Portland and sit on the Portland City Council. It's our chance to ask the candidates about their plans to help put the American Dream back within reach for all of us.

This event will consist of three separate events:
    •    1:00pm - Forum Pre- Meeting (Open to Public)
    •    2:00pm - Candidate's Forum (Open to Public)
    •    4:00pm - WFP Chapter Meeting

Note: A membership meeting of the Portland chapter of the WFP will follow directly after this forum.  Those who wish to attend this meeting may do so, but decision making will be reserved for WFP members.

Event Location

Portland State University - Hoffmann Hall
1833 SW 11th Ave.
Portland, OR 

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