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The Chris Christie Drinking Game!

As Governor Christie prepares for his star turn at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, regular New Jerseyans are wondering what the fuss is all about. They know the reality of life in Christie’s New Jersey rarely matches the rhetoric. Here’s a game with choice quotes and fun facts for people in New Jersey and beyond to cope with twenty minutes of Governor One Percent’s same tired tune… 

Every time he says this... Consider doing this: 
Jersey Comeback 1 drink (or drink until it's actually true)*
Hard Truths 1 drink and yell "9.8% unemployment!"
Jersey Shore 1 drink and yell "Keep walking!"
Lower taxes 1 drink and try not to cry at the 20% higher property tax bill
Balanced budget Don't drink, but pretend you did
Fiscal responsibility Drink 1 single malt scotch and skip the tab. Your projections say you can pay for it later.
Auto Bailout 1 drink and yell, "Xanadu!" 
Bi-partisanship 1 drink and yell, "Take a bat out!"
Don't raise taxes 1 drink and yell, "Property tax rebate!" or "Earned Income Tax Credit!"
Paul Ryan Stop Drinking. Under Ryan's plan you're on your own when you turn 65. 
Business experience 1 drink and roll some dice
Romney Tax Plan Fly to the Caymans in your private jet, have a cocktail on the beach.
Respectful disagreements 1 drink and yell "Stupid idiot!"
Protecting pensions 1 drink and just yell.

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Want to tell Christie he doesn't speak for you? Join over a thousand New Jerseyans who've told him just that. 


*Having Christie as your Governor could drive anyone to drink, but please do so responsibly.