It's time for ES&S to open up their source code to the public.

Take Action Now!       

Sequoia Voting Systems released their first "public source" optical-scan voting system that will be available to election officials, researchers and the public at large to view. This is a bold step that Sequoia's competitors, Diebold/Premier and Election Systems & Software, have refused to take.

With control over 70% of our voting machines, it's time for ES&S to make their source code open to public inspection.

UPDATE: ES&S bought Diebold/Premier's assets in a merger September 2009. However in 2010 the Department of Justice determined that the purchase formed an illegal monopoly, and ES&S must sell off those assets. So Diebold/Premier's voting technology was purchased by Dominion in May 2010 -- which promised to make the code available for public review. Dominion also purchased Sequoia in June. ES&S still has not made their code public.