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10.25.11 - 1:46 PM

Powerful documentation from the assault on Occupy Oakland, in which dozens of police in full riot gear arrested at least 85 people and tore down the protesters' camp. Video here, photos here, a visit to the wreckage of the "crime scene" here.

10.25.11 - 1:26 PM

Al Jazeera has incredible video from earthquake-ravaged Turkey, where a two-week-old baby was pulled alive from the rubble; later, the mother and grandmother were both found alive. Help here.

10.24.11 - 9:03 PM

State troopers and police pushed back against orders from the mayor and Gov. Cuomo to enforce a city curfew and arrest Occupy Albany protesters, including many families, saying it would damage community relations and they don't prosecute peaceful protesters. Both entirely logical arguments.

"There was a lot of discussion about how it would look if we started pulling people away from their kids and arresting them. And then what do we do with the children?"

-Abby Zimet
10.24.11 - 8:30 PM

Hundreds of Indian girls with names that mean "unwanted" in Hindi chose new names in a ceremony aimed at fighting still-egregious gender discrimination. We like the girl who chose the new name "Ashmita," or "very tough."

-Abby Zimet
10.24.11 - 3:05 PM

Does capitalism always win? MTV's reality show True Life, having "embedded" a reporter in Zucotti Park, is debuting, "I'm Occupying Wall Street" on Nov. 6. Note: Last year, Philippe Dauman, the CEO of MTV’s parent company Viacom, made $85 million. Just sayin'.

-Abby Zimet
10.24.11 - 2:16 PM

New video from No More Victims, a grassroots organization that brings war-injured children to U.S. communities for medical treatment and "some small measure of restorative justice." Featuring Noora, an Iraqi girl who at five was shot in the head by an American sniper and underwent 12 surgeries in Maine. Hard to watch. Good to be reminded what our wars do.

"And who shot you?" "American people."

10.24.11 - 1:35 PM

The army has launched an offensive against troops in Iraq and Afghanistan taking mascots, after a soldier bitten by a stray dog died of rabies. Those poor guys, two-and-four-footed both.


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