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Accountability Now!

The House of Representatives under the so-called leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-SF) is failing We the People at an alarming rate. 


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Where're my Ruby Slippers?

My stomach turns when I see the Dem leadership licking the hands of BushCo like beaten dogs working with those known liars and criminals in a “bi-partisan” manner on anything. However, the “economic stimulus plan” that they cobbled out of an illusion and (again) off the backs of working class Americans is a charade. Sending Mr./Mrs. America a couple of hundred of dollars when they are losing their homes or being forced to choose in some cases between the high cost of gasoline, or the high cost of food is not a “stimulus.” It’s like putting a butterfly bandage on a gaping head wound while the very lifeblood of our economy is pouring out at a deadly rate. The only institutions that will be saved in this plan are the banks and mortgage companies who made the risky loans in the first place. Working class, or even poorer Americans (again) will be bailing out companies in Uncle Sam’s ongoing reverse Robin Hood affect. I don’t know about you all, but I am tired of the poor being robbed to help the rich. It’s not right! A true stimulus plan would be to halt the spending of billions of dollars in Iraq every month and use the money to modernize and strengthen our infrastructure here in America. I think we can all agree (in a bi-partisan fashion) that strong bridges and levees are more important than having some Monopoly money to pay down interest on consumer debt or strengthen China’s economy. Or how about using some of that money to save a delicate environment that is being destroyed by the ravages of excess, waste and greed? There are literally thousands of programs that the money could be used for that would create tangible hope in our communities and put food on our tables and keep the roofs over our heads.  


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The Politices of Real Hope

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." --Thomas Jefferson 


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The Super Bowl of Circuses

Today is just another day in a long line of days when I feel so disconnected from many of my fellow humans in America. Today, millions of our brothers and sisters are riveted to TV screens to watch the ultimate of American Empire diversions: the Super Bowl. Who will win this profoundly important event? Will any breasts be exposed during the half-time show? Which of the multi-million dollar commercials will be the funniest? So much talent, resources and energy are expended for one day out of the year that it makes me wonder when Congress will just make “Super Bowl Sunday” a National Holiday and give lucky Americans with jobs that don’t involve saying, “Would you like that super-sized?” the following day off. 


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Once, before I camped out in Crawford, Tx, I was speaking at a venue in DC and I called George Bush a "lying bastard." This was in May 2005; right after we discovered the revelations of the Downing Street Minutes which we believed was the smoking gun that would bring down BushCo in short order. 


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The Fierce Urgency of Now

Today as we celebrate and commemorate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, we must also acknowledge the violence of his death at the hands of the machine that has only grown more powerful and rapacious over the years. We must also acknowledge the violence of the inconceivable racism here in America that recently raised its demented head in such places as Jena, La and in the toxic soups in disadvantaged and mostly black neighborhoods of the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans and in my own backyard: Bayview-Hunter's Point, San Francisco. 


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The "I" Word

Once, when my children were young, one of them rushed into me and said: “Mama, so-and-so, said the ‘K’ word.” I don’t remember which one of my children was the tattler, or which one was the tattlee, but I remember the ‘k” word. I could never figure out what the “k” word was, because neither of the children would say that very naughty word. 


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Today on the 6th anniversary of the opening of a black stain on the soul of America, Guantanamo Bay prison. I was going to write about the necessity of the base being closed and the prisoners charged, tried, or released, but another stain has been nagging at me today. 


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And the Oscar goes to.......

…Hillary Clinton! For phoniest display of belated emotion in a Presidential campaign! 


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All the Power to the People

To reflect the fact that Abigail Adams was John Quincy's mother and wife of second president, John Adams....I hope I don't have my membership in the honor society revoked for that glaring error... 


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