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Pelosi is Afraid of US!

Posted by Cindy Sheehan  

12:00 PM Oct 09, 2008

We are seeing several clear indications that Nancy Pelosi is feeling the heat of our campaign.

Two weeks ago, the Harvey Milk Democratic Club invited Cindy for Congress to their meeting to vote on un-endorsing Nancy Pelosi and endorsing US. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor to have a vote on the two questions. The energy at the meeting was incredible and we felt that we won a victory for the people that night.

Last night, the vote was held at the Milk Club meeting. Nancy Pelosi sent a handful of staffers and her SF Chief of Staff. In what everyone said was an unprecedented move, she even wrote a letter to the club touting her dubious accomplishments. Her staffers acted like right-wing Republicans by shouting down our supporters (which numbered in the dozens) whenever one of them wanted to discuss the issues. To each one of our questions regarding Pelosi's support of torture, off-shore drilling, war, warrantless wire tapping, letting George Bush and Dick Cheney escape without being held accountable, and to the banker's 700 billion dollar welfare plan, her staff would yell: "You want McCain to win." Well, no we don't but we sure don't want Pelosi to win, either, and their bellicosity proved to US how they cannot defend their boss' awful record so they have to shout absurdities a la Bill O'Reilly.

The vote went against US, but we were able to at least get a hearing and we were able to take heart that their are many, many people in San Francisco who do care about democracy over faux-progressive Democrats. Our thanks go to the Harvey Milk Club for taking the courageous step of at least considering supporting US.

Another sign that Pelosi is afraid of US is her refusal to answer our campaign on a candidate's debate in California's 8th District. We have sent her office requests and have asked her Chief of Staff about it twice (face to face) and we can't even get an answer. They are trying to run out the clock on debating as Pelosi unconscionably and inconceivably ran out the clock on impeachment.

The third indicator of Pelosi's fear is that today she announced (from Denver) that she was going to bring Congress back to DC after the elections to work on a 150 billion dollar "stimulus" plan for US. This is a completely transparent political ploy to win back some of the votes that she and her colleagues lost when they bailed out the banksters for 700 billion dollars. That stunt has proven to have had horrible consequences already and her last stimulus plan also failed miserably. We can't allow these crumbs that the elite want to toss US deter US from voting out the corrupt elite in less than four weeks.

Cindy for Congress is demanding that Nancy Pelosi show respect for her constituents and the democratic process by agreeing to debate her challengers. Not only do we deserve to air our visions but she needs to answer to the people of the 8th for her questionable record.

Please call her office to encourage her to debate her opponents: 415.556.4862

Today, Cindy for Congress received a significant endorsement from the SF Bay Guardian. Please read it!

Please donate for our final push so we can get the People's Message out to the 8th District! This has been an incredible year. We have come so far and we need your help to cross the finish line!

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Craig — 03:54 PM Oct 09, 2008

How you can help:
Call 415-621-5027
Get out on the Streets with us!

I am so glad to see Cindy running

June — 09:03 PM Oct 09, 2008

The democratic party has become more corrupt and more like the Republican. It's great Cindy is running. I am with you, Cindy.

New TV Spot

David — 01:32 PM Oct 10, 2008

The production values of your new TV ad are at best amateurish and serve to alienate and irritate rather than elicit and effect interest and support!!

Before you air this, it should be re-recorded. The use of a lavalier microphone is imperative and the "background" music either eliminated or or put on another audio track.

By airing it as it is, you are wasting energy, time and money, by turning people off rather than on to your message and your candidate.


Cliff — 05:54 PM Oct 10, 2008

why don't you run FOR something instead of AGAINST something?


Mike from N.Y. — 07:42 PM Oct 10, 2008

To Cindy Sheehan,

I really hope you win, and recently sent a contribution. It was the first time I've ever contributed to a political candidate in my life (I'm 53). For what it's worth, I feel that the reason Pelosi put impeachment "off the table" is that she was in on the torture discussions, and Cheney probably told her "if we go down, so do you".

Good Luck Cindy.

No Way I vote for Obayer!

yooper — 11:59 PM Oct 10, 2008

Good luck Cindy!


Dean and Mike — 04:06 AM Oct 12, 2008

Has Cindy Sheehan ever lived in SF? Why doesn't she run from Vacaville? While Pelosi may not be perfect, she is one of the strongest anti-Repug voices we have in Congress. Maybe Cindy Sheehan should challenge Ralph Nader for the Green party endorsement to run for president!!!!!! Now there's an admiral waste of her time.

Bush-accomplice Pelosi

Sam — 06:57 AM Oct 12, 2008

I have already voted for you Cindy. I can't stand Bush-enabler Pelosi. I am glad you moved to San Francisco so you could challenge Bush-accomplice Pelosi (whose home is in San Francisco and not Vacaville). Pelosi is not anywhere near "perfect." I don't know why some Dem kool-aid drinkers feel the need to constantly make excuses and apologies for these Bush-accomplice Dems in congress by dragging out the mealy-mouthed "may not be perfect" card every time. It's a full-time job for them trying to defend these indefensible politicians. Pro-war Pelosi has been a miserable failure for We The People and particularly for the oath she took to uphold and defend the US Constitution. She has not done that whatsoever and she has consistently ignored her constituency in San Francisco. She has served as an accomplice for Bush and Cheney and Wall Street ($850 BILLION bail out) particularly since she became speaker. She on occasion speaks against the Repugs to fool those who allow themselves to be fooled by her theatre/rhetoric and then she proceeds to enable the Bush regime as she has done every step of the way since becoming speaker. I guess some people have not followed her actions closely or looked at her voting record. They have only heard some of her words. Pelosi is a Republican charading as a Dem (as are most of the useless and worthless Bush-accomplice Dems in congress).

I was not surprised---but I did find it pathetic---that the Milk Club voted to keep their endorsement of Pelosi. I see the Alice B Toklas Club has also endorsed this Bush-accomplice.

Unfortunately most people have been programmed at a rather early age with either D or R party-line programming. It is almost impossible to deprogramme that party-line thinking without professional help. So most Dem voters give unconditional blind support to the Dems in congress (their "team") no matter what they do for Bush and the Repugs, just because their politicians have a big D behind their names. Most Dem voters will make excuses and apologies for their Bush-enabling politicians, just as Dean and Mike did above. And the Milk Club and Alice Club are both stacked with Dem kool-aid drinkers (partisan Dem hack voters/supporters) who can't imagine not ever voting for someone who doesn't have a D behind their name, even when most of their politicians in congress are really a R. Most Dem voters refuse to look at this reality, in part, due to that party-line programming. They want so hard to believe in their "team" so they choose to live in Denial. Denial is a very comfortable place for many people, particularly partisan Dem voters/supporters.

Good luck, Cindy. Paz.

Nader/Gonzalez 2008, if there is an "election"
Cindy Sheehan to replace Bush-accomplice Pelosi


yes I live in SF

Cindy Sheehan — 08:46 PM Oct 16, 2008

In the Mission District.



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