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Arrogant, Small Tyrants Nancy Pelosi is STILL afraid of US!

Posted by Cindy Sheehan  

12:00 AM Oct 12, 2008

Arrogant, Small Tyrants

Nancy Pelosi is STILL afraid of US!

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.
Thomas Jefferson

Has it occurred to anyone else that almost 100% of our elected officials have turned into tyrants? From George Bush, Senator Harry Reid (D-Nv) to Nancy Pelosi and their Congressional minions, they are ignoring the will of the people and are, in fact, collaborating with the banksters to undermine the safety, prosperity and lives of We the People. Many economists are predicting a long and terrible depression and Congress's bankster bailout has only hastened and worsened the crisis.

Many of our supporters called Pelosi's office yesterday to demand that she come off of her arrogant perch and descend to the street level here in San Francisco to debate Cindy Sheehan and the other two challengers to her seat. Every one who called reported getting the notorious Pelosi run around that she made infamous by her "off the table" politics.

We know that Pelosi and her ilk care more about their bank accounts and political party affiliation than they do about this country and humanity but we will continue to press on and demand that she defend her indefensible positions and explain her inexplicable policies.

• Why did she abdicate her power of the purse string to fund George's wars of aggression?
• Why did she allow the ban on offshore drilling to expire?
• Why did she grant immunity to the administration and telecom companies for warrantless wiretapping?
• Why is she trying to gentrify the last bastion of diversity in San Francisco, Bayview/Hunter's Point?
• Why does she support privatization of national parks and energy?
• Why did she support BushCo's policy of torture?
• Why did she take the important Constitutional remedy of impeachment "off the table?"
• Why did she allow the Homegrown Terrorism Act to pass Congress and why did she not stop George's tyrannical Presidential Directive 51?
• Why did she give Goldman-Sachs' former CEO (Treasurey Secretary, Henry Paulson) 700 billion dollars to bail out the unregulated Wall Street financial pirates?

The other evening when CFC supporters were being verbally attacked by her staffers, Pelosi's Chief of Staff yelled out, at one point, "Did you all vote for George Bush?" Is irony dead?

Cindy Sheehan has been standing up to the "man" since her son was murdered by the Bush regime in April 2004. Nancy Pelosi has been standing up for the "man" since she became Speaker of the House. She has not denied George Bush one thing and CFC has a library of pictures of Pelosi fawning over George Bush.

We need to overthrow this government and we need to start here in California's 8th district by overthrowing George Bush's best friend, Nancy Pelosi.

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Craig — 03:19 PM Oct 12, 2008

How you can help:
Call 415-621-5027
Get out on the Streets with us!

Your Television Ad

Doug Woods — 06:09 PM Oct 12, 2008

I just donated to your campain ad. But I must say that after watching it, that I think it would be much more effective if you laid out not only how Nancy Pelosi has betrayed us, but what you would do differently. I think people don't want to vote for something unless they have some idea of what they would be getting in it's place.

Nancy has betrayed the people.

Ozy — 03:09 AM Oct 13, 2008

The only affective way to get these D.C. insiders to listen is to take Pelosi out of congress. What an eye-opener it would be for all those in congress who gave their base the Finger buy voting for this corrupt corporate bail out based on the Bush Administrations threats and lies. These damn Democrats need to grow some guts! The republicans are just traitors and should be thrown in jail or better yet sent to Iraq to replace our suffering troops!

I have talked with Cindy personally with the National Refremers led by Glenn C and she has our endorsement.

I think we are in agreement that this seat will have overwhelming implications when Pelosi is fired for her violation of Oath of office and dereliction of duty enforcing the constitution of the United States of America!

It is simple for the voters of this district.

Vote for Change with Cindy Sheehan and Barack Obama!

No more of the same from this lame duck Nancy Pelosi may god forgive you Nancy Pelosi for all the soldiers lives you are responsible for by taking Impeachment off the table.

Let�s send the biggest message of our lives to the congressional Democrats by defeating Pelosi.

For or troops! For our Country! For all of our Daughters and Sons!!!!!!!!!!

Ozy, Bellingham WA

Alex — 07:37 PM Oct 13, 2008

We need to keep putting the heat on these globalists control thugs bankers.the Federal Reserve and then work ourself down the line.

Alex — 07:43 PM Oct 13, 2008

Another question Cindy, Do you agree with Ron Paul ecomonics opinions?

Support Cindy's campaign

Shela — 09:04 PM Oct 13, 2008

Cindy is a very courageous woman, tking on the establishment of George Bush and Nancy Pelosi. Neither of those so called leaders even seem to understand the Constitution of the United States of America, much less act in accord with it! Cindy understands the importance of this time in our nation, as does Barack Obama. We need that team in Washington DC. Please everyone-donate to her campaign. This is urgent!!

An Obama and Sheehan team?

Sam — 03:08 AM Oct 14, 2008

There's gotta be something in most people's water. I swear, I keep reading the most loony of comments from people.

Obama and Sheehan??? I read that an had a "WTF?" moment.

Obama and Sheehan are NOTHING a like. They are like night and day. Obama is more like Pelosi. Look at his voting record and his neocon rhetoric (he talks about attacking Iran, Pakistan and MORE troops in Afghanistan, he also buys into Bush's "war on terror" nonsense. He is pro-war and has voted for war appropriations since being in the senate. Just recently he worked actively and voted FOR the $850 BILLION Wall Street know the ones who caused the problem in the first place. Well, they are the ones Obama's rewarding).

So many people have allowed themselves to be duped by Obama's phony "hope and change" nonsense. His campaign must have said "oh tell them anything dreamy and wishful-thinking, they'll believe it because you have a D behind your name." His campaign is unfortunately correct. Most people do believe that bull. Talk about gullible people!

The team we need in the District of Columbia is Nader/Gonzalez and Sheehan. That's a true progressive team.

ron paul economics

cindy sheehan — 08:44 PM Oct 16, 2008

Dear Alex

All you have to do is look at my support for single payer health care and support of unions, you can tell that Dr. Paul and I are not on the same page economically.

As far as being anti-war and anti-imperialist...YES!
Thanks for the question,


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