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Hanky Campaignky

Posted by Cindy Sheehan  

12:00 AM Oct 13, 2008

Hanky Campaignky?

The past few weeks have been a little strange at Cindy for Congress and, I guess the things that have been happening could just be coincidences, or a run of bad luck, but the climate for the possibility of campaign hanky-panky certainly exists.

Campaigns have been compromised since the beginning of campaign history, but these days with legal warrantless wiretapping and political party conventions sponsored by AT&T and the constant call of "all hail to my political party" and obeisance to the banksters above what's good for our nation, maybe what's been happening on my campaign isn't coincidental or "Mercury retrograde," or whatever.

Starting with the necessity of "changing a light bulb" (bugging my phone) in my hotel phone at the DNC (brought to you by AT&T) while I was out of the room, Cindy for Congress has had an increasing number of attacks. Two weeks ago, we were begged by organizers of a "radical" music festival called "We the People(Sheeple)" forbade me from speaking after having begged me to be there. An article in LA Beat said that the Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigoso was involved in the decision to silence my voice. Not only did we go down to L.A. at our own expense, but also we took an entire day of valuable campaign time to do so.

The past week, though, has been incredibly trying. First of all we had to file a restraining order against a former volunteer whom, with hindsight, we now know was probably spying on us for the Pelosi camp. After we let this person go, his emails to us became increasingly hostile and threatening. After that happened, the tail lights in our campaign-mobile were busted out (the campaign mobile that has Cindy for Congress signs all over it and pictures of it were in an AP story.

Towards the end of the week, four young men walked into our office and they were acting quite suspiciously as they pretended to be registering to vote. One of our interns was helping them when I heard her yell: "No! Stop!" I heard an awful noise and ran out of my office to see the young men run off. They had grabbed one of our computers (leaving a jar of donations on the front desk) and beat our intern over the head when she tried to stop them. Our front windows are almost totally covered with signs and posters and it would be hard to see what we have from the street…we did, thankfully, recover the computer which has sensitive material on it and we are even more thankful that Somer is okay. (She's tough like her boss).

After several days of harassment, I got home late one night to discover a jury summons in my mailbox. I have been summoned to jury duty the week of, you guessed it, the elections!

The final (and in my opinion worse) weird thing happened on Saturday night. We had scheduled a group of "robo" calls to go out today (Monday, Oct 13). At 10:30 Saturday night, we started getting phone calls and emails blasting us for sending out the calls at 10:30 on a Saturday night, which is not only illegal, but extremely annoying. The company had approached us to donate 10,000 calls to us and then was charging us a small fee for the rest of the calls. 38,000 early/absentee voters received this call and my office has been overwhelmed with angry voters who won't be voting for me now and some of the good will that we have been building here in San Francisco for the last year went down the drain in just a few minutes. Was it just a "glitch" in the system, as the owner of the robo-call company claims, or overt sabotage of the campaign? Isn't it sad that we have to be paranoid about all of this? To be sure, our office is in a rough part of town, but the frequency of the harassment is certainly intensifying.

The stakes are high and I have a feeling "they" won't stop at anything to assure that the tyranny of incumbency continues.

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You're in fine company...

Jurgen Rommel Vsych — 11:29 AM Oct 14, 2008

I worked on Nader 2004. Everything you describe sounds very familiar to what happened to Ralph...very Democratic [big D].

Hey, Cindy, you're in the same league as Ralph Nader! CONGRATULATIONS!

Pelosi and aids

Robert — 11:52 AM Oct 14, 2008

I first met Nancy Pelosi at an AIDS memorial in the early nineties. Volunteers met in GG Park to help sort out the hill where memorials to lost friends were placed. It was very low-key but the one thing that stood out in my mind was Ms Pelosi's posing. I have had enough Pelosi Posing for several lifetimes and I hope Ms. Sheehan is sincere about unseating the lightweight Pelosi. Seems there must be a plethora of stories about her in The City.


Cindy — 12:12 PM Oct 14, 2008

Hi Robert
I am very sincere...also committed to unseating the Poser (as you call her).
This is not a game to me...people are dying and being impoverished because of her.


Shane — 12:41 PM Oct 14, 2008

I agree that it is, indeed, a terrible state of affairs when an honest person (and a fresh voice) attempts to be the change only to come up against the wall of "status quo." Though I understand peoples frustration over the phone debaucle (I work within the school district and auto caller gliches do happen), to rescind ones vote for Cindy over an accident is a bit extreme. I believe in Cindy. Sure, it's campaign season so emails and phone calls are to be expected, as are government tampering (unfortunately). I have gotten my share of unneccesary emails form Cindy's campaign, sure, but, if you believe in your candidates ability and fortitude, no mishap or misunderstanding will disway that vote of confindence.

I supported Cindy this past year even though , I believed, she was not my district representative. To my surprise, my absentee ballot had Cindy's name on it. She was the first candidate I voted for. Our government is supposed to be filled with people who represent us. Not one person in Congress represents my ideas, beliefs, or best interests. I believe in Cindy, not only for her loss, not only for her stength in that loss, but for turning that loss into the fire that will give America the change it so desperatly needs. Thank you Cindy.


Bob — 12:44 PM Oct 14, 2008

10:30 on a Saturday night! I was at the bar! How dare you! Just Kidding, I liked the call..

Victoria — 01:23 PM Oct 14, 2008

Wow, awful stuff. Sorry you have to deal with it.

The worst case scenario is that you are a threat and they are responding. And that's actually a good scenario. They can fool around with little incidents and messages to you, but they cannot stop the voters from voting.

Jury summons the week of the election is pretty over the top, though, fairly transparent, like a hackers calling card.

Stay strong!


Rebekah — 02:05 PM Oct 14, 2008

"And there's a focus group, who can absolutely prove, that this is all nothing but cold calculation" The Tragically Hip

Barbara — 02:49 PM Oct 14, 2008

Dear Cindy and Somer, and all working overtime for us:

Just to remind you that the irate calls from supposedly alienated voters may also be scams!

I will call too -- to donate at least one day to the campaign.



Robert B. Livingston — 03:11 PM Oct 14, 2008

May not help, but Mercury Retrograde ends in two days-- and the Hunter's Moon in Aries will help you out....

Hang in there!

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
-- Gautama Buddha


bill mitchell — 03:25 PM Oct 14, 2008

That shows Nancy as pathetic. She is desparate to keep her job. Nancy knows she will lose. She knows more and more Americans are on your side and not her's.Nancy is a dishonest person. She does not care about Jesus or anything period. Nncy is only in this for the power of the job, not for public service aspect of it. Nancy wants the power and is desparate to keep it because she knows all of her taxes will be struck from the IRS taxcode. Nancy wants to continue her oppression of the American people. She is determined always to raid the Social Security trust fund and blow all of that money on pork projects. We are dealing with a thief here and that's exactly what Nancy is. She tells her Democrats to disregard the constitution. Nancy is helping them raid the Social Security trust fund as well.She is a criminal.

More FYI: AT&T Promises Not to Spy on You ... Sort Of

Robert B. Livingston — 03:29 PM Oct 14, 2008

AT&T and other telco giants have sworn before Congress to keep their distance from "deep packet inspection," or DPI, which allows network managers to inspect, track and target Internet content. But these execs aren't telling the public the whole truth about their Web-filtering plans.

Timothy Karr,

Let's not forget

Craig — 04:07 PM Oct 14, 2008

Our Rude treatment in LA. Invite a candidate to speak at a major rally, only to arrive and get ZERO help from anyone at the festival, only to find out you can't speak at the event! great! Waste the campaign funds for us with a BS stunt by the Democratic party, who donated THOUSANDS to the event we we're "asked" to attend.

Pelosi and their lot are PATHETIC. We will bring them down, together.

Love You Even More

tropicalmary — 05:41 PM Oct 14, 2008

Wish I still lived in there so I could be more involved. You are at the level of Kucinich, Wellstone and Nader now, as others have said. You know what it feels like to do the heavy lifting. We have infiltrators in our Quaker and environmental meetings all the time, and all our phones are bugged.

As you know, many people who call themselves activists, such as the so-called activists at the LA rally, are really in this for themselves and to further their reputation and to perhaps run for office themselves, but they can't. They find it easier to hassle their own side than to actually do something risky. A common story if you have been active.

I sincerely recommend your staffers get you some acupuncture while campaigning. It will help you through the stress, re-set your mind and protect your vital organs.

There are many who many offer special treatment for you, based upon the good you do and who you are. Just ask.

I also recommend it to all politicos. We are going to need our strength. Things are quickly changing. Halloween is here.

Cindy-- You always have the best blogs, worth reading. You can take the worthless Democratic pundits and shove them.

little pelosi

Ken — 09:35 PM Oct 14, 2008

Cindy, I don't agree with your points of view but If you beat pelosi then, YOU GO GIRL!

Pelosi won't debate you, she is a coward.

Just keep getting out where she said the U.S. Miltary failed at the surge and the little success of the surge should be credited toward the good will of the iranian people.


Lame Duck

Matthew Huyck — 12:33 AM Oct 15, 2008

How did George Bush not be a lame duck his last two years?
Look at all the legislation.

hang in there

Ray — 03:50 PM Oct 15, 2008

No sweat. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. You have my vote and my wife's too. Go Cindy!

Alex — 07:14 PM Oct 15, 2008

Is time to take action cindy...Is time for a new America...Enough with this brainwashing fat politicians, rich bankers, Mainstream Media...Is time for america to take off her blinders.

Alex — 07:16 PM Oct 15, 2008


lichen — 11:34 PM Oct 15, 2008

If corporate media and corporate money were legislated out of the elections--and out, most of all, propping up corrupt plutocrats like Pelosi, you would win in a landslide, Cindy. She should be legally forced to debate you in a completely independent debate, you should get equal media coverage, funding, and respect as a candidate, as should Nader and Mckinney. Don't let these corpoatist, demoratic thugs trying to sabotage your campaign get you down.

Getting your message across

Frank — 01:00 PM Oct 16, 2008

The people need to hear you, Cindy. Harness the power of the web. Encourage everyone you meet to Google "Cindy Sheehan". They wild find you site and help you defeat Pelosi once and for all!


Ivy Rose Nightscales — 01:56 PM Oct 16, 2008

Cindy you are a champion for all the common people. I have no respect for these democratic shills and as mentioned previously Pelosi is a plutocrat and traitor to all the people except for the superrich whom she serves. Thanks also to Mckinney and Nader who continue to fight for us despite the trashing and abuse they receive from the demorats and their allies. We must build a powerful movement that Cynthia Mckinney has proposed to counter the repulsive corporate mess and to gain a true democracy. WE CAN DO IT!

Banning from speaking at a concert in Los Angeles?

Mac Collins — 02:43 PM Oct 16, 2008

I thought that you were running for Congress in a district in San Fransisco. Decisions like this show a lack of professionalism and foreshadow what will happen on November 4:

Good over evil!

Marlon Crump. — 05:35 PM Oct 16, 2008

I have absolutely no doubt that Cindy will win in the end. Some battles are won even before the begin. Nancy's arrogant, and corporate. Cindy is grassrooted, understanding, and a stronger stance against the war machine.

Cindy will win in the end, no matter what illegal tactics our enemies will pathetically bring. On a positive note, it shows that something must be giving if people have to resort and go through great lengths to sabatoge a person's run for office.

You've won already.

Alamantra — 07:02 PM Oct 16, 2008

Cindy, thank you for your courage and for speaking for those who have been sent to fight a war they shouldn't have had to. They are far braver than the cowards who sent them. Use the internet for all its worth to bypass Pelosi. In a way, you've already beaten her, as you've taken a stand on something real and have held your own. In doing so you've brought much glory to the life you once gave. You've shown us all what it means to love our children.

More Gov't Control

Mary — 07:48 PM Oct 16, 2008

I've been following Cindy for years now and been cheering for her along the way. I heard she was running for Pesoli's position, but didn't pay much attention to it since it was in California. I hoped she'd win it. I wasn't the least bit surprised about the attacks that have come against her.

Then I browsed her site to see her stands on the issues. I'm disappointed. She seems to feel that government should be involved in most of the issues. That the government can or should "fix" it. That government should take care of us from cradle to grave.

Stop and think Cindy! Most of what you are proposing is continuing government involvement in our lives. We DON'T WANT MORE, WE WANT LESS! The people can fix the problems, not the government.

Go ahead and repeal the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947. That's a good thing. Let the free market set wages, NOT THE GOVERNMENT. No minumum wages forced on companies.

The government has no business nationalizing transportation commodities. Free market will come up with better transportation alternatives. They already have, but the corporations have killed the ideas. Government must PROTECT the free enterprises from the Corporate giants trying to stop new ideas that threaten their monopolies on gas and oil. You are protecting the giants by nationalization! STOP IT!

America is indeed a nation of immigrants. I was infuriated that you will protect ILLEGALS! Crossing into our country illegally is an illegal act. Don't protect them. They have no rights. They are getting more rights than legal citizens.

Then you want to socialize healthcare! Cindy, I really am disappointed. This is more government involvement again! Geez, get a clue Cindy.

Economy and Job Creation? Why don't you lead the march for getting rid of the Federal Reserve and IRS! And getting the military out of 130 countries around the world, not to mention out of Iraq and Afghanistan! The free market will take care of the economy and job creation once our treasury does what it is suppose to do... Coin silver and gold.

Getting rid of the Fed and IRS will help stop the predatory lending practices and people trying to buy things they can't afford, like homes. You are suggesting just another way to keep government involved in where and how people live.

Government needs to get out of the education system. There is nothing in the constitution that allows government to be involved in it.

Parents are NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING except life, freedom and pursuit of happiness. Let the people figure out how to deal with child care and education. Keep government out of it.

Government has no business in marriage. It is a natural God given right. Get government out of marriages and licenses. It is not governments business who marries who.

There are already laws in effect to protect people, gay or otherwise, from criminal acts. We don't need stupid "Hate" laws.

Cindy, you fought a good fight for your son and others in the illegal wars, but you need to study the Constitution and quit following the system of the government that is set up now.

Government needs serious downsizing. What you are suggesting isn't helping but just continuing to go along to get along. You have a long way to go with understanding this.

Good Luck.

Cindy is my representative

4Peace — 09:20 PM Oct 16, 2008

I have only two regrets. One is that I don't live in Cindy's district so I can't vote for her. The other is that she is not going to be our next president.

Just taking down the Pelosi side of the Pelosi Bush Crime Syndicate should be enough. The people of San Francisco are not crazy. They will not vote for Pelosi, but she might try to steal the election.

An observation from outside USA

Purityofessence — 11:51 PM Oct 16, 2008

As Nader cannot win the only vote of consequence that is taking place this November is the one in the 8th district of California. Given the support of previously left wing (Green) candidates in San Francisco, your victory is a real possibility, and would be the shot heard round the world.

Best of luck taking down the cankerous Pelosi.

What next? The moral arc of justice is long, but..

Roxie — 03:38 AM Oct 19, 2008

Dearest Cindy,

This is my hope, as Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently said:
"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

It's pretty obvious you're at least 3/4 of the way there, according to this quote. Whether your win is here right now against Pelosi, or just around the bend somewhere else, I know you will win. And when you do, it will be for US all, not just for you and Jesus will smile and we will too!

You GO, girl!! Wherever you win, it won't just be for yourself or your district, because you are promoting the cause of humanity *everywhere*... Thank you so very much, Cindy, for keepin' on keepin' ON! in Peace & Brotherly love, which is the only route to true, lasting peace.. You are not alone in your fight, so many of us are with you in spirit!

Get Over It

Green Retirement — 09:35 AM Oct 19, 2008

You should know by now, that when you fight power, power fights back. Get rid of the apology on the front page of your website and drop the paranoia.

Very counter-productive.

Kill the ego. You are not running against Pelosi, you are running against an ideology, Pelosi is only a person who represents the system. Stop demonizing Pelosi.

Very counter-productive.

Focus. Explain to the people in S.F. how your victory will change the world. How the people of S.F. have an incredible opportunity to shape the world with their vote.

Love and Peace

Best of luck

johnnyb — 01:48 AM Oct 20, 2008

Dear Ms. Sheehan,

I was amoungst those who was very critical of you back in 2004, but have slowly come around to your way of thinking in some respects. I believe that the best hope for our country is to get people who truly love America into congress regardless of their political beliefs rather than to continue to elect people who just love power. Republicans and democrats are all the same party. We need people like you in there to shake things up. While I certainly disagree with you still on a number of issues, I believe that you are exactly what our system needs.

Illiteracy, or maybe just a typographical error

gary popkin — 01:42 PM Oct 20, 2008

Please fix

"And demand that Wall Street finance it's own rescue."

to read

"And demand that Wall Street finance its own rescue."


Donald — 02:25 PM Oct 20, 2008

PELOSI SAID IMPEACHMENT IS NOT ON THE now we have a depression with millions out of a job and bank failers....shall we call this the Pelosi Depression?

From Bush Country

Josephine the Plumber — 04:55 PM Oct 20, 2008


I am from Texas, and admired you greatly when you trekked all the way to Crawford many times to make your point about IRAQ, and stopping the mess over there.

We all thought that things would drastically change in 2004 after the Dems took over Congress, but NO, same ole stuff. Those who favored an impeachment of one or both of our high official were very disappointed. Along with Nancy P, our own Reps. are just standing by idle due to Republican resistance and over-ride potential. But who knows until you actually put it out on the table--You see the recent Bailout Bill met with bipartisan resistence. Somebody must do something.......

You have my support.

Go for it, Cindy.


Raised By2parents — 07:56 PM Oct 20, 2008

Cindy, you should know better than to go up against the facelift. The facelift has the devil on her side, and so dirty tricks are like breathing to these "people"

Obama = Busing

Good Luck

30yrdem — 07:56 PM Oct 20, 2008

Good luck...we want her stopped all over the US. Please people help Cindy.

Tulsa OK.

Pelosi to start with

Clay — 08:00 PM Oct 20, 2008

I think it's time to vote out all incumbents. Starting with Pelosi, Reid & Murtha the Madman.


SMC1977 — 08:00 PM Oct 20, 2008

Cindy - I don't support your politics, but it's clear that the Dems and Repubs have no shame in silencing any kind of outsider thought. What garbage. Give Pelosi hell on election day.

Power v No Power

Bill — 08:02 PM Oct 20, 2008

Cindy, you're up against probably the most politically powerful woman in America. You better get used to the attacks, no-rules, anything goes way. You don't think for a moment that Nancy got where she is by playing fair or playing nice do you?: Welcome to the real (hard, cold) world!

Cindy Rules

Chrispy — 08:05 PM Oct 20, 2008

I have met her several times, helped a little on her campaign to get her on the ballot. I was TOTALLY surprised to find her to be extremely level-headed and qualified for the job since my only knowledge of her was from the media.....Mr. Media has always tried to make powerful intelligent women into hysterical how is it that this kind of defamation of character applies to Cindy and not Pelosi?


Leslie — 08:09 PM Oct 20, 2008

Pelosi is a can win! Saw this post on DRUDGE


Jim — 08:13 PM Oct 20, 2008

I think it would be fitting irony for the DNC to achieve their "Supermajority," but Pelosi be kicked out and unable to enjoy it. Good luck in your campaign to unseat her.


Stan — 08:14 PM Oct 20, 2008

Of course your campaign is being sabotaged....thats what Democrats do. Stretch Pelosi will tell any lie and use any tactic to sieze and hang on to power.

This is outrageous!

Rick in Houston — 08:16 PM Oct 20, 2008

I was never a fan of yours, but what that #&%^ is doing to you is completely outrageous and undemocratic. It will help that Drudge picked up this story. Now fox news needs to pick it up. They would have fun exposing Pelosi for what she really is.

Welcome to the DNC

Impaler — 08:17 PM Oct 20, 2008

Well Cindy, now you know that this whole time you have just been a pawn in a giant hate filled game. The DNC has a long history of voter suppression, and a win at all cost attitude. We are all witnessing it today. My G_D have mercy on their souls.

So Sayeth the Impaler!


MADCOW — 08:22 PM Oct 20, 2008

But, If I were living in your district, I would vote for you just to get Pelosi out of Washington.

My 2 pesos worth

ctmom — 08:24 PM Oct 20, 2008

Please do the country a favor and do not vote Pelosi in again!

Dems trashing your campaign

John in Seattle — 08:24 PM Oct 20, 2008

Sorry to hear about your troubles, but not surprised. Those are the kinds of deeds the Democrats do here in Washington to ordinary citizens who write letters to the editor criticizing Dems in power. Get ready to kiss your first amendment rights goodbye when the junior senator from Illinois is annointed in January.

I cannot beleive I am saying this

Shishi — 08:25 PM Oct 20, 2008

Cindy I have always been a very vocal critic against you. This crazy pinko commie Nancy has to be dethroned. She is a disgrace. I am not saying I am a fan of yours and I am voting Republican this fall but if you can unseat this moron you have my full support. If I could move to the district to help I would. Best Wishes.

my thoughts..

CBF — 08:25 PM Oct 20, 2008

I am a conservative republican but i wish you best of luck in you campain.. BEAT PELOSI.. I cant understand how ANYONE would vote for her

Pelosi Goons

Bearway — 08:29 PM Oct 20, 2008


I do not agree with one thing you say, However, The harrassment you are suffering is criminal and shows clearly why the Incumbents should ALL be voted out. While I disagree with you, I support your right to speak and campaign. Good Luck

Way to exercise your rights!

Richare — 08:33 PM Oct 20, 2008

I have not always agreed with you Cindy and frankly I think the Democratic Party used you for their own gain and then abandoned you when you were no longer useful to them.

I am all for non-party affiliated people running for officer regardless of their ideology. We need more, right, wrong, or in the middle!

It wouldn't surprise me at all that someone like Pelosi would intentionally undermine your campaign.

Go Cindy!

Justin Case — 08:35 PM Oct 20, 2008

A dirty business...this politics. Amazing what kind of tricks get played. Don't be discouraged. Keep fighting. You've come so far. You're on the right path. Individuals (like you, Cindy) need to keep standing up to these losers and show/tell them we are not going to take it anymore. We are taking the govt. back one 'grass roots' campaign at a time. It's time to "clean house' and take the garbage out to the curb. Every house member that changed their vote from "nay" to "yea" on the "Bailout" should be voted out! They sold us down the river!

John — 08:36 PM Oct 20, 2008

Looks like the chickens have come home to roost, so to speak.
You should have known your buddies would destroy you. I don't like u, but dislike Pelosi more, and hope u beat her sorry ass, cause you haven't had enough time in yet, to be as worthless as she is!

the Dems and Repubs are the same party

Mike — 08:37 PM Oct 20, 2008

Their isn't a bit of difference between these two parties. They are both simply focused on staying in office. I disagree with much of what Cindy does, but you can tell she is sincere. In my book, that makes here well more qualified than Pelosi. You Californians can be as liberal as you want, but at least put some honest people in your congressional seats. California holds a lot of sway and it is a shame when you put someone like Pelosi in office.

Did You Expect Fair Play?

Robert — 08:49 PM Oct 20, 2008

Ms. Sheehan:

I am aware of the motivation and drive behind your attempt to unseat the Smiling Ego of Pelosi. I endorse your activities, but having worked for the US DoD for over twenty years, I'm unsure why you would think the status quo would not do everything in their power to diminsh, demean and defeat you? These are exceptionally corrupt players in a thetarical production that has been going for for almost a hundred years in this country. Did you expect fairplay at the precise moment in time when the elite are preparing us for global integration? And did you think they would let you actually work the system and challenge the poser Pelosi, and let you do so without incident? Please, please...either hire some people you can trust to look over you, both personally, & electronically......or knock a little of that good-old American decency off your boots and begin to think like Your success and safety may depend upon it.



A pox on both their houses

Bob — 08:50 PM Oct 20, 2008

I've been a registered democrat for almost 30 years. But for the past fifteen years my feeling have been "A pox on both their houses". Look at the trash thrown at "Joe the Plumber". Some where within the party that screamed about the Bush wiretaps being a gross invasion of privacy, is a group of people that feel it's perfectly reasonable to reveal the private details of the mans life, so long as it supports the right cause. Ignoring the fact that the head of the committee that over sees the IRS himself owes 7 times that amount in back taxes.

In 2007 Obama promised to except the limitations of matching funds, but by now he has spent almost $605 Million to McCain's $180 Million (the limit imposed by matching funds). What's that 3.5 times what his opponent is spending? The party of the people is just a slogan, I'm going to vote for Ralph.

terrible state of politics

Matt — 08:53 PM Oct 20, 2008

this just goes to show that the state of politics in our country is out of control and hyper partisan on all sides. From the extreme right to the extreme left. These kinds of things happen everyday in political offices both democratic and republican and even independent. I seem to recall you doing some similarly hyper partisan things in your past to prove your point and get your way. I don't really think you are all that different.

A Classic

LOL — 09:00 PM Oct 20, 2008

And... You thought, all this time it was BUSH< BUSH< BUSH. Bush is weak. The Dems are powerful - with Obama and Pelosi - there will be no more will to live in this "great society" Hell, you'll find more freedom in China!

— 09:01 PM Oct 20, 2008

T — 09:03 PM Oct 20, 2008

Dear Ms. Sheehan:
Despite your history of focusing on the GOP as the source of many of society's ills, you'd likely find Republicans more respectful of your message, if not initially more welcoming of your presence. It sounds rather as though you're realising that the ardour with which Amercian Liberals welcome you, when you're advancng their message, quickly changes to venom, when you are perceived to be challenging their primacy within the Democratic Party.
The diversity of voices within the GOP is far greater than that within the present-day Democratic Party.

You Go Cindy!!

Rob — 09:04 PM Oct 20, 2008

Cindy, you have inspired so many people. I cannot begin to think of someone more deserving of public office than you, especially with all you have fought for; and to think it is only at the cost of the price your son paid, ensuring all men and women have equal access to, and are represented by government. GOOD LUCK CINDY!!!


Sorry — 09:05 PM Oct 20, 2008

The Dems are the new fascist party with a smile. At least GWB never tried to silence you. I don't agree with you but I support your constitutional rights.

Pelosi's and Obama's democracy

Ann — 09:12 PM Oct 20, 2008

Welcome to the democracy of Reid, Pelosi and Obama.

farewell to free speech unless it is the same speech they want.

What freaks my out in San Francisco the blind adoration for Obama by his "followers".

They are right out bad pictures from North Korea, the Stalin Era and Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm.

When you get of the bay bridge on howard, they always put a poster of "The One" there staring at you.

The latest was Obama with a halo-sun behind him and the text "FORWARD!"

Dissent is good but once the 'new leaders' show those signs, I only fear we are in for some serious trouble.

Get an endorsement from Nader!

Republicans for Sheehan

Mark Thompson — 09:12 PM Oct 20, 2008

I do not agree with or support Ms. Sheehan. But I do firmly and absolutely support her right of free speech and to run for office. I fervently hope that none of the recent attacks were politically motivated. It is only we the people, at the voting booth, who have any right to judge a candidate. I actually voted for George Bush twice and will proudly vote McCain/Palin tomorrow. I also very much support all Americans right to free speech and to run for office. Best wishes Ms. Sheehan.


old salt — 09:13 PM Oct 20, 2008

you all are just figuring out how dishonest she is? take off the rose colored glasses, do a little research, and actually believe what her history factually shows and not the rewritten, refined, rehased politcal diatribe.

War of Liberal Aggression

Ed — 09:13 PM Oct 20, 2008

I do not agree with a single thing you stand for Cindy EXCEPT political positions should be available to the COMMON CITIZEN not just lawyers and lifelong politicians! From a Kentucky Conservative I wish you luck and I wish all citizens luck in the coming years.

I fear a war of liberal aggression is upon us all.

David — 09:14 PM Oct 20, 2008

Ms. Sheehan i believe we are seeing the corruption of our elected officials and I would like to share a little hope with you. I believe we are living in the last days before Christ returns to judge the sins of man and these people will have to give an account of there actions to God. I would beg you if have not giving your life to Jesus you would invite him into your heart and accept his free gift of eternal life and to trust God that his will be done

My support

cluelessinky — 09:17 PM Oct 20, 2008


I did not agree with everything you did in opposing the war, but it turns out that you were more right than wrong. You have my support in your struggle against the corrupt politics of Pelosi

keep on keepin on

gregg b — 09:19 PM Oct 20, 2008

Cindy, you are truly an American Hero.........We all know that dems who have lauded your positions in the past have been warned off...................You just keep it up.
it was the dems that handed arnie his office....shameful, unprincipled sheeple eating their own.


Joe B. — 09:19 PM Oct 20, 2008



ontheright — 09:19 PM Oct 20, 2008

add you thought GWB was bad, you aint seen nothing yet! The demorats are hateful criminals and will remove any rights you all have left. But hey you voted for them and their empty promises.


armchair — 09:20 PM Oct 20, 2008

u must be winning! go cindy.. go cindy.. go cindy..


Gandi's Fist — 09:22 PM Oct 20, 2008

Cindy. What you have gone through, no mother ever should. That said, you were played by the Democrats while they thought they could leverage your outrage against the GOP. When you exposed their hypocrisy, they turned on you and the media along with them.

While you come off kooky--to be blunt--I wish you success in this race, as there never was a nickel's worth of difference between the dominant American political parties, even on their most contentious days.

George — 09:22 PM Oct 20, 2008

Sorry to hear of your difficulties Cindy. It is proving that you were used as a Democratic "shill" against the war when it suited them. The minute you become a threat (to Pelosi) they turn on you like wolves. Although I may not agree with all of your beliefs I would defend them to my death for your right to express and have them.

Ms. Pelosi

observer — 09:23 PM Oct 20, 2008

Ms. Pelosi is one of the most ineffective, incompetent, and self-serving Speakers that we ever had. She is an embarrassment to women and democrats. I am afraid that she will be tarnish Mr. Obama's presidency by her immense incapability and loud-mouth.
I only hope that she is defeated.

Good Luck

Mike Nash — 09:24 PM Oct 20, 2008

Gook Luck on your battle with the embedded politician Pelosi... I would love to see you with more national coverage.

the hate posts

Carol — 09:26 PM Oct 20, 2008

Conservatives are nasty SOBs. You can thank Drudge for posting the link.


burke — 09:27 PM Oct 20, 2008

I wish more citizens could get involved and try to make a difference like Cindy has. Politicians like Pelosi are not serving us. Good luck in the election.

Go Girl

Stacy D — 09:29 PM Oct 20, 2008

Us Cali girls should vote for non-politician women this year...Sheehan ... Palin...

All political battles are never-ending

Paul — 09:29 PM Oct 20, 2008

I really hope you do not ever give up your battle. Although I'm fairly certain we probably have fewer views in common that in opposition, I fully support you in what you are doing and I really hope you are elected.

If you do not succeed in your current endeavor, please do not give up completely.

With the extra free time you will have, consider reading Federalist 56 where Madison states, among other valuable insights, " seems to give the fullest assurance, that a representative for every thirty thousand inhabitants will render the (House of Representatives) both a safe and competent guardian of the interests which will be confided to it."

The challenges you are facing are not really against Pelosi, but a failed application of the vision of some of the wisest people in the history of the United States.


chardonnay — 09:30 PM Oct 20, 2008

keep up the good fight, Cindy. Pelosi is a thug, and she's giving us a glimpse of what she will do to all of us who dare to show Democrats dissent.
This is all very disturbing. I want to tell you though, just write a letter to the court telling them that you're in the middle of a campaign. I've gotten out of it before by having my boss write a letter for me saying he couldn't run the office without me. TOTALLY TRUE TOO. I should have asked for a raise. lol.

Pelosi is the worst

Sam — 09:31 PM Oct 20, 2008

Speaker of the House in my liftime. She is an embarassment to the country and the Democratic Party. The Republican minority have knocked her around like a tetherball. Having Pelosi lose would be an appropriate reposte for the Dems who elected her.
Cindy, I don't know if you're a paranoid, but I'm sure there are people out to get you.

Help us, Cindy!

I Knew Better than to vote Pelosi — 09:31 PM Oct 20, 2008

First they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.

The people of San Francisco have not forgotten that Nancy Pelosi wasted almost a Trillion dollars of our money last week bailing out Fat Cat Bankers!

Help us Cindy! You're our only hope!

Cindy and Nancy

Robert NYC — 09:35 PM Oct 20, 2008

As I like your politics almost less than hers - you two deserve each other. facts being that she is incompetent you might as well have a shot.

good luck bringing down the wicked witch of the west.

The witch is dead, long live the witch.

Tate — 09:36 PM Oct 20, 2008

Poor Cindy, She was used by the Democrats and kicked to the curb. No regular person can win any hot spot race. The 2 partys will not let that happen. America is not ever going to be what it once was. Once upon a time any good person could run and win. Today we have cheaters in both partys, but two years ago the Republicans were the party of Corruption. There are more Dem's in trouble right now and the Main Stream Media is in the tank for the Left. God help us all. No one else can.

Pennsylvania against Nazi Pelosi

Scott — 09:37 PM Oct 20, 2008

Pennsylvania For Cindy!!!! I know I can't vote. But, I wish I had a million votes to get Nazi Pelosi out of office once and for all. Do the free world a great big favor and vote out Nazi Pelosi.


Dave D. — 09:43 PM Oct 20, 2008

Why do people keep voting for these people. Do we want to be led like sheep? I bet over half the people that vote for Pelosi just voted for her because she is a democrat. Somehow it is cool to vote for a democrat. We need to take our country back! Vote for substance not the party. Every year we keep people like Pelosi in power, we have less power to control our own lives and finances. Do we need to be dominated by do nothing democrats that only care about their own pockets and maintaining power?

why do you suddenly care about our candidate?

Fed UP SF — 09:45 PM Oct 20, 2008

Your just being mean and stupid mad because we have a real choice for once and you get to vote for reheated piles of shit........ha ha you get what you deserve!

Hang in There

The Last Jedi — 09:49 PM Oct 20, 2008

You are the only person, left or right who has the guts and will power to hold Pelosi responsible. Nothing would please me more than seeing Pelosi joining the ranks of the unemployed in January.


Mike Hunt — 09:50 PM Oct 20, 2008

Look what the democrat Messiah and company did to Joe the Plumber just for asking a fair question. Get used to it. The O Truth Squad will be knocking on a door near you...

The Issues vs The Hate

Robert M — 09:50 PM Oct 20, 2008

It is tragic that the "debate" is filled with so much personal hatred and marred by the vulgar insults directed at the political parties and the candidates. If these mudslingers are so right and the object of their derision is so wrong, then the power of their position on the issue(s) should win the day without the need for the mud.

Particularly in this hostile political environment, I admire anyone, regardless of their political persuation, who has the courage to stand up and subject themselves and their families to the abuse which accompanies the decision to have their name appear on a ballot.

These people are really the true heroes of democracy and represent its last and only hope of surviving. (How many honest and diligent folks do you know that would make outstanding representatives for a term or two, but are understandably not willing or equiped to participate in this vicious process??)

More hang in there

Chris — 09:52 PM Oct 20, 2008

These attacks, they show she's worried. You're doing good work, and we're pulling for you.


Fred Kadiddlehopper — 09:53 PM Oct 20, 2008

Someday, you're going to look back and wish George Bush was still President.

Love Ya

Little Joe — 09:59 PM Oct 20, 2008

You go get 'em these DNC Goons and GOP thugs that you got spunk

Sleep With Me

Tommy Tutone — 10:02 PM Oct 20, 2008

I love peace and I love a piece of and win Cindy

Big Party Hooligans

Darren — 10:02 PM Oct 20, 2008

Good Luck Cindy and company,

As a Georgia Libertarian we might disagree on things. However I commend your courage and direction and drive. We hear a lot of lip service that the Big Two are inclusive and welcoming. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are confronting the progressive machine of Mrs.Pelosi. You will now be the target of totally irrational hatred and smear. I wish we minor party types did not have to confront such uncivil and malicious people. Just take solace in your defiant determination and let as many as possible witness the nature of who your opponent consorts with.

Best Wishes!

Cindy, you Fool!

Stephen — 10:05 PM Oct 20, 2008

The Democrats and their leaders NEVER gave a damn about your son (a HERO for giving his life for what he believed in!). They just used you to sling shit at GWB. Now that your usefulness has passed, you are as worthless to them as curbside refuse. Many, many in America saw everything as it was happening...and you believed.
Many of us Honor your son...and we are NOT democrats nor republicans...we are Americans.

Re: JaySantos

Cindy will win — 10:06 PM Oct 20, 2008

bend over for your love from Pelosi


Dick Daily — 10:07 PM Oct 20, 2008

I want to give a shout out to Matt Drudge...this page has provided me the needed laugh medicine to get through another day....

Good luck Goofy...I give you about a 1% chance

What Goes Around Comes Around

Thor — 10:07 PM Oct 20, 2008

Since you are running against a Dem, you can not blame this one on George Bush.

You reap what you sow.


Dirty Tactics

Brandon Sarmas — 10:08 PM Oct 20, 2008


While I disagree with much of what you stand for politically, I commend your efforts to unseat Rep. Pelosi. The House of Representatives was meant to be "the people's house." Each district should be a direct reflection of the majority of the-roughly- 500,000 constituents that call it home. Nancy Pelosi is as corrupt as she is dishonest. Americans are growing tired of so-called leaders that seek a well-paid and cushy Congress career while we toil and bleed every ounce of our capital into an unresponsive and bankrupt system. It is wonderful that a real American, regardless of your politics, is trying to make a difference. I wish you luck, because against the machine you face, you'll most certainly need it.

Regards from Chicago.

Stick it to'em

Joe America — 10:12 PM Oct 20, 2008

As I do not agree with any of your views I am really ticked off about incumbent politics in this country. Mainly the fact that the two parties "will not" let anyone else play in their power grab. I am very a strong supporter of regular citizens running for office. This is the only thing that can save our Republic, not career polliticians. It's funny how I can sit down with a citizen on the other side of the fence and we can agree on so many things that the Government "should" be doing but never will. It's the incumbents that keep us at war for their own political gain. As far as the Pelosi, Reid, machine, you now know what the Republicans have to put up with...HaHaHa.. dont give up !!! ......campain brouchers...$25,000......gas for bus...$3,500......look on incumbent Washington hack's face after losing to a real person....pricless!!!


oldsalt — 10:13 PM Oct 20, 2008

Nancy is a prime example why we should have term limits.

Democrats at Large

Roy — 10:16 PM Oct 20, 2008

Cindy, if you think you have it bad now, wait until BO is elected. He won't eve drop on your phone, he'll take it from you. You and all of us is in for some bad stuff.

Now you know how Joe-the-plumber feels

Bennyandthe jets — 10:17 PM Oct 20, 2008

The politicians that are in control are starting to run a Gestapo police state and it appears that this is just the beginning. People like Cindy will not be able to run and Joe the plumber can't even ask a simple question.

Obama = Pelosi = Bush = McCain

Craig Combs — 10:22 PM Oct 20, 2008

They all supported the bailouts. They never speak of the Federal Reserve.

now who do you blame?

alex — 10:24 PM Oct 20, 2008

Dear Cindy-
I am a republican (and reading your blog complements of Matt Drudge) and wondering if you now see what we all do- the Democrats are as dirty as they come, and fully capable of all the tricks you no doubt ascribe to the Republican Party.
Perhaps you will realize anyone capable of these "coincidences" is not the party in favor of freedom. We all have our faults, but the stooge like behavior you describe reeks of Stalin and the Communist Party- a chilling compareson to your so-called liberal compartiots in the Democratic Party.
sorry about the typos!

Sympathy from a Libertarian

Colony14Author — 10:24 PM Oct 20, 2008

Ms. Sheehan:

I am a Libertarian. I am not a fan of John McCain, but I am totally opposed to Obama. I maintain a web site dedicated to telling the truth about Obama - something the media refuses to do.

The hate mail I get is incredible. Then I saw some of the comments posted here. You are certainly getting worse messages than I could imagine. Some people are VERY sick.

I'm sure you and I do not agree politically, but I commend you for your efforts and I hope you beat Pelosi. For the most part, of course, we will NEVER defeat the career politicans without term limits. They have the power and they will NOT give it up. The people in Washington would kill their own grandmothers if they had to.

Good luck, and be careful. The people you are up against will stop at nothing.

aaawwww poor baby, need a f#%@ing kleenex

the enforcer — 10:28 PM Oct 20, 2008

I must say that it makes me smile to see Cindy Sheehan have to deal with all of the little left-wing ankle-biters. Great people you run with Cindy. I mean seriously, Pelosi is not left-wing enough!!!! Cindy Sheehan...the one person (on Earth) that would decry Josef Stalin for being too right-wing. Priceless

Your son died with honor

Paul — 10:28 PM Oct 20, 2008

You spoke/speak up for your son's memory and loss - as you see the headlines from Iraq now, do you feel his death was less wasted and more contributory to something good? If you win, first thing, go to Iraq and see what your son's comrades have been doing for, with, the good Iraqi people.

loathe the Pelosi even more

HateCindybut.... — 10:33 PM Oct 20, 2008

tear her up girl, put her in the mud where she belongs with the rest of her cronies

Democrat harrassment and thug tactics

MAC — 10:34 PM Oct 20, 2008

We all get seduced by the claims that Democrats are the "tolerant" people but any challengers will be subject to nazi tactics to harrass and silence opposing views.

I'm with jonnyb @ 1:48, and the last jedi

REX — 10:36 PM Oct 20, 2008

Good Luck!

Far left Pelosi Attack machine

WIlly Brown — 10:40 PM Oct 20, 2008


Good luck but be careful the left wing democrats eat their own.


Steve — 10:42 PM Oct 20, 2008

Welcome to the world of politics...especially how it's ran by incumbent Democrats.

Politicians just don't get it, & that includes you, Cindy...

Peggy — 10:42 PM Oct 20, 2008

About those robo-calls. In view of the enormous popularity of the Do Not Call Registry, what makes politicians think that THEY are welcome where other phone solicitors are not? Calls from politicians are actually worse, because you can't tell a pre-recorded message not to call you again. Left or right, Republican or Democrat, this shows that you're all so seriously out of touch with the public that it's downright scary.

Sleeping with the enemy

Rob — 10:43 PM Oct 20, 2008

I second Mike's comments. Sure, the Democrats are electioneering scum. But Cindy, you *worked with these people for YEARS*! All of a sudden, you figure out that they're liars and criminals? I feel bad for you as I'd love to see Ms. Pelosi and the big Democratic machine go down, but I hope they're replaced by someone with more common sense and an honest appreciation of the very difficult and successful work our soldiers have done. Good luck, Cindy.

kudos to Drudge

John — 10:45 PM Oct 20, 2008

Keep up the fight Cindy, I'll be voting for you in a couple weeks!

ster — 10:47 PM Oct 20, 2008

I have a hard time believeing this is a surprise to you.


Come on... you're smarter (I thought) than that.

I beleive you may be correct

Dr. Franz Tottentanz — 10:48 PM Oct 20, 2008

I will vote for you.

I give you my word as a weapons designer.

Which oddly I beleive I have saved more lives than any twelve doctors, or thousand politicians.

Best wishes.


I also wish you took Paypal as credit cards for me are no more.

Sanke Oil Salesman re-appear

QuitTalking-StartDoing — 10:49 PM Oct 20, 2008

Sorry for your son and his did make a very patriotic choice. I disagree with others in saying that you have the right as an American to disagree with the current policy of this administration.
If you don't like the system, then change the system. You go and try to make changes for the good and not the greedy.
Yes, the reality is the democrats are just as evil and nobody cares. The papers praise their efforts and ignores the wrong doing of all politicians.
Good Luck and I hope to see Nancy Pelosi fired!!

Queen of all evil

Yukiko — 10:56 PM Oct 20, 2008

What do you expect, Cindy? You are going up against the Evil Botox Queen. Nancy Pelosi makes Chuck Schummer and Barney Frank look like a couple of choir boys. Hope you take lots of votes from her. Good Luck

Cindy, you are learning

David/Arizona — 10:57 PM Oct 20, 2008

Cindy, you are a member of the wrong party. See how long the Democrats support you! You have used up your usefulness.

McCain/Palin 08

Good Luck

damian — 10:57 PM Oct 20, 2008

You'll get through it for Victory.

T — 11:03 PM Oct 20, 2008

Dr. Ms. Sheehan:
(Sorry -- one more comment.)
You'll clearly have a thicker skin than to be affected by most of the garbage hereon posted. Frankly, it's beneath civility, and should not be considered worthy of comment. Although I may well consider a number of your views naive and distasteful, it is unthinkable to me that anyone with passionate views be silenced.
It seems as though a few posters have suggested that most of the negativity here is from Conservative posters. Why not make a list and tally it up? While many Conservatives may consider certain of your views distasteful, they nonetheless do not consider you a threat, politically. Look to the Liberals who once supported you, and you're most likely going to find the very ones who seek to suppress your voice.
By the way, the link seems to be up, in order to throw light upon the Democratic Party's ill treatment of you--not, in fact, to cast you as a kook.

Politics, as usual

Mike/Fresno — 11:03 PM Oct 20, 2008

Cindy, welcome to the elite--the fine third party candidates that are running. Any one of you would make a much better elected official than your Demican or Republicrat opponents. The state is designed to squash such activity, however. Those in power will do whatever is necessary to maintain that power.
I admit that I stopped voting 10 years ago because I can no longer trust the American system, unless we bring in foreign powers to supervise the elections.

Tear Pelosi up, Cindy.

ralphiedemay — 11:09 PM Oct 20, 2008

It is time voters in this fraud's district realized what an utter liar and hypocrite they placed into office. Don't let a a day pass in the next few weeks where you point out it was liars like Pelosi and Bush who murdered Casey.

Tear Pelosi up, Cindy.

ralphiedemay — 11:09 PM Oct 20, 2008

It is time voters in this fraud's district realized what an utter liar and hypocrite they placed into office. Don't let a a day pass in the next few weeks where you point out it was liars like Pelosi and Bush who murdered Casey.

Tear Pelosi up, Cindy.

ralphiedemay — 11:09 PM Oct 20, 2008

It is time voters in this fraud's district realized what an utter liar and hypocrite they placed into office. Don't let a a day pass in the next few weeks where you point out it was liars like Pelosi and Bush who murdered Casey.


Winston — 11:13 PM Oct 20, 2008

Sorry you are getting all this harassment. Career politicians use all kinds of dirty tricks. I hope you the best, but please rethink about using robocalls. I find them very annoying no matter when I get them.

It is kind if insulting to have a computer call me and not an actual person. It is the kind of depersonal thing that we need to get rid of with career politicians. It is better to either have humans call someone or not have the calls at all.

Nancy Pelosi

Heywood Jablome — 11:15 PM Oct 20, 2008

I'm sorry, I don't live in California. But, if I did, I would vote for you. I think Pelosi and Harry reid are two of the most dangerous peolpe in America. I just think you are nuts, but a lesser evil than Pelosi.

you are kidding, right

ohio — 11:25 PM Oct 20, 2008

Cindy, you apparently really thought that the democrats/media were SUPPORTING you when they were actually USING you and your (obviously sincere) greif to further their own anti-Bush cause. Maybe with experience comes some wisdom. i hope millions of others get the message and see through the pathology. these people do not care about the good of anybody...except themselves.

Pelosi vs Sheehan

Richard Campbell — 11:29 PM Oct 20, 2008

Ms. Sheehan,
I am actually a Independent that leans Republican/Libertarian and honestly I don't agree with many of your positions.
However I do admire the fact that instead of sitting around and complaining about things, actually going and running for office and trying to do something instead of talk about "change" and "hope".
And honestly you'd be better than Pelosi in Congress. At least you take a stance and stick with it. I have to give you credit and some admiration for that. You are changing your positions on which way the polls blow.
Good luck, I honestly hope you win. The people of San Francisco area would be better off with someone that would represent them instead of trying to 'change the world"...last I looked Peloosi wasn't elected by the world, she was elected by the SF voters.
Good luck!

— 11:30 PM Oct 20, 2008

Oops..sorry about that

Richard Campbell — 11:32 PM Oct 20, 2008

Ms Sheehan,
Sorry it's late on the East Coast....I meant to say you do NOT change your position based on which way the polls blow. There's no edit function on your board.
I apologize for any misunderstanding.
Again-good luck in your campaign.

Give Pelosi the Boot

Bob — 11:37 PM Oct 20, 2008

Pelosi has the worst rating of any Congress, get her out of office!! Go, Cindy, Go!!

Robo calls

Gary — 11:45 PM Oct 20, 2008

I don't like you or what you stand for. I do respect and thank your son For his sacrifice to keep this country free and safe. But I administer an automated call system and I find it hard to believe this was a mistake. I can accidentally set calls to start at 10:30 PM instead of 10:30 AM. However the result of that would be that no calls are made. Since there are laws regulating these calls, the system automatically blocks all calls after 9:00 pm. If I want to make calls after 9 pm, I not only have to set up the calls to go at 10:30 pm, but I also have to take an extra step to disable the automatic protection against calls being made after 9:00 pm.

Hanky Campaignky

Karp — 11:50 PM Oct 20, 2008

Dear Cindy! Pelosi, Harry Reid and The One are going to make sure you can not grab even one single, little -bitty vote from those on The Team. Why, just take a look at what they are doing to "Joe The Plumber"! They are out to destroy a hard working American just because he asked a question of The One that caused The One to accidentally reveal himself as a Stalinist/Marxist You keep slugging at them Cindy! You are way tougher then those Obama/Bidden Girly-men! Stand up to Pelosi and Reid and tell the World what dirty tricks they are doing to keep a True American Hero like you from Winning! You Go Girl!

You need security management

Atash — 11:58 PM Oct 20, 2008

One intern in the office was probably not enough. Can someone call Cindy's campaign office and volunteer to do some security consulting?

Watch out for infiltrators. Anyone who works especially at a high level needs to be background checked and come with introductions. Infiltration is how a lot of other campaigns have been sabotaged.

I'm not local or I would help out...but we hope to have a big victory celebration up north in your honor.

Fash of Light

Entrenchment Tool — 12:05 AM Oct 21, 2008

It is coming... I plan on going underground. From now on I will smile and praise the beloved leader and the vision of the party.
Interesting that those who would object to listening to overseas phone calls to look for Jihadist plots, would bug your phones and physically attack your volunteers.
I will stay quiet, at home, at work, and with my friends, lest I be informed upon and beat down. I will bide my time until the tide has turned.
I think you need to make a big issue about Pelosi paying her millionaire husband to perform office work for her. Note, her expenses quadrupled when he came on the scene.
Bye for now, I am going underground.

Pelosi's investments

Bob — 12:14 AM Oct 21, 2008

Ya know you could bring up Pelosi's constant pushing of gas, solar and wind...which started right after she invested a few hundred grand in T Boone Pickens company.
Just a happenstance she promotes his compnay as an example of alternative energy.

Pelosi Recall

Ben — 12:41 AM Oct 21, 2008

Many of us have had it with Pelosi. She went to Washington and instantly became one of "them". She has accomplished nothing in two years of a majority. Call her back and give someone else a chance!

Take care of yourself, and watch your back! You're doing a wonderful job, Cindy

Jamie — 12:53 AM Oct 21, 2008

Many of us have been following your campaign, and are sending you our blessings and encouragement; Go to the finish and win this seat, You'll be unseating the blockage to what should be one of the most successful congresses in history. Instead look at the legacy your opponent has wrought.

Our very best to you Cindy. WIN

tyranny of incumbency for sure

joe johnson — 12:54 AM Oct 21, 2008

I like your last comment " "they" won't stop at anything to assure that the tyranny of incumbency continues.".

That was one of the topics on John stossels show last friday. good stuff, check it out:

Quick follow up

Just Me — 01:17 AM Oct 21, 2008

I give you credit for trying, it was more than what 99.9999% did.

After WWII the jews hunted nazis for 50+ years and usually strangled them when they found them. I am pretty sure there is a lesson in there for the gentiles if they ever start forming their own thoughts.

Now you know how conservatives have been saying..

Eric from Michigan — 01:22 AM Oct 21, 2008


I truly hope that you are successful in your attempt to kick out Pelosi, but be warned that the Dems (bid D, not little d) are vicious in protecting their own. They will subvertly and overtly run all over the rights of an individual for their political gain and the media will ignore it unless they see that their interests are at risk.

If they feel that you are a real threat then even physical attacks will occur because you will threaten their bread and butter.

Be careful, but fight hard!


With all due respect, you are being paranoid

Aaron — 01:22 AM Oct 21, 2008

Hi Cindy,

I have long applauded your work and wish you all the best. However, in reading through your most recent blog posting, I can only conclude that you have crossed the line from "legitimate skepticism" to outright paranoia.

Perhaps I'm being unfair, but you don't really provide support for some of your most outrageous claims. How do you know that a bug was planted in your room? When you say that someone was "probably"spying on you, what sort of evidence do you have to support this? The fact that you used the word "probably" suggests that you don't really have such evidence.

As someone else pointed out (though somewhat rudely), it is far-fetched to think that Pelosi would go to all of these lengths to silence you. With all due respect to the important role that you have played in the debate about American involvement in Iraq, you simply are *not* a threat to Pelosi's position. She is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and her spot is secure. There are no polls which suggest you would have a prayer of defeating her in the election. Plus, your very presence in the race only helps to bolster her cause as far as more mainstream voters are concerned. Why should she want to disrupt you?

There are many disturbing things happening in our country right now. Civil liberties are indeed under assault. But you are not the target. In fact, I think that quasi-paranoid postings such as this one actually play into the hands of your political opponents by making you come across as irrational.

My comments here are based on personal experiences from the late 1980s when I was somewhat involved in the movement for human rights in Central America. I reached a point at which I was crippled by paranoia, and it took several years to recover.

Cindy, these are heartfelt comments from a fellow citizen who has always respected your work. After the election, I think you need to step back and recharge your batteries. You have many battles left to fight, and the country could use your energetic, passionate wit. But, as soon as it plausible to do so, you need to take a break and catch your breath. Do it for yourself and for the rest of us who care about the same issues.

Take care of yourself.


Gotta love American politics

Bill in VA — 01:43 AM Oct 21, 2008

Sounds like you are learning the "real politics" of the elitist liberal Democrats. I have always voted Republican, not because I thought they were always the "best thing since canned beer and sliced bread", but because we have a two party system and the Republicans are more likely to be closer to honest and will try to do the right things more often. These days they lack solid leadership and are a bit spineless, but they at least play fair. The Democrats these days are so far left they are Socialists, they are almost "mafia like" in their utter disregard for playing fair (look at the criminal ACORN actions in getting out the vote, plus they way you have apparently been treated, etc.) and how they have been running Congress the last two years( yes, they have been in charge of making the laws since they own the House and Senate) has been a virtual circus! It would be nice to have a REAL LEADER like a Reagan, but alas, I see none available at present. What you have is the 1960's hippies coming into power and they are nuts! Perhaps you might want to reflect on your politics and think about what our Founding Fathers had in mind. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is not Give me Welfare, Kill the Unwanted Unborn, and The Socialist Nanny State.

Cindy, I didn't believe your campout in Texas was great, but I do believe in the Bill of Rights and our freedom to exercise them. I also believe your son is a hero and he did what he thought and you have to respect that. War is a bad thing, a last resort, but sometimes a very necessary means to an end.
Additionally, once commenced, it must be won, or the consequences will be even more dire if not. The "little Hitlers" of the world will smile at you while stabbing you in the back.

Look at the Democratic party, it appears to be full of them. They talk about great utopian ideals,(e.g., free health care, spreading the wealth by taxing the rich, etc.) however, most have outrageous costs that will bankrupt the country, or will cause the people who drive the business in this country to tie up their money which causes lots of unemployment, etc. Don't know about you, but I never got a job from a poor person. So much for successful socialism.

Anyway, if you are going to run Pelosi out, then think about the Founding Fathers guidelines (Constitution and Bill of Rights, and not a living breathing one] for success, be a leader, keep We The People in mind, and run her out on a rail!

Warantless Wiretaps

Wiretapee — 01:53 AM Oct 21, 2008

At least Cindy admits that the surveillance is legal.

Way to go girl!

Jo — 02:03 AM Oct 21, 2008

I am rooting for you to win. Even if you do not win, please pay attention to the "dirty tricks" that Nancy and most democrats use against anyone who does not kiss their ring. You openly opposed a sitting republican president, and he did not pull any "dirty tricks" on you, did he? I'm not taking up for the president, but I am saying that this Nancy Pelosi is a mean piece of work. If you don't win the seat this time, come on back in 2 years. Keep on keeping on. It is worth the effort.

Drudge Report

MJ — 02:12 AM Oct 21, 2008

What a difference the Drudge Report made on the number of comments and hits for your blog!!!!!!!


HUNTINGMOOSE — 02:18 AM Oct 21, 2008





nancy the nazi

chuckles199 — 02:21 AM Oct 21, 2008

hey cindy get used to it. nancy is the most distinguished member of the far left nazi party USA.
no be fooled by the DEM it's nazi-DSA.


HUNTINGMOOSE — 02:25 AM Oct 21, 2008









321 — 02:30 AM Oct 21, 2008

Welcome to the Democratic Party. Nothing you've mentioned is in any way new or surprising. It literally happens all the time - and compared to what happens to candidates with lesser national media exposure, it's rather tame. It's how this party maintains it's power, particularly in my state. When voter fraud and general intimidation doesn't work, they step things up a notch. With 15 days left to the election, expect it to get a lot worse.

If only the Drudge morons stayed away

Christine Baker — 02:53 AM Oct 21, 2008

You can really tell the disproportionate number of idiots coming from Drudge. There ought to be an IQ check for comments.

Cindy, I wish you'd taken a picture of the guy bugging your phone and I hate to have to suggest it, but I suppose you should install surveillance cameras at your office and maybe even at your home.

Stay safe!

Go Cindy!

More than meets the eye

Rich — 04:44 AM Oct 21, 2008

I'm sure the whole Dem party is working against you. If Pelosi lost she wouldn't be able to protect all of her CHILDREN. You know Dodd, Frank, Obama, and others that screwed the USA durring this meltdown.


dualdiagnosi — 04:46 AM Oct 21, 2008

The Dems will do anything to steal elections. Careful.

Be on your guard + stay safe

Athena Murphy — 05:13 AM Oct 21, 2008

Hi Cindy and campaigners - I doubt any of these things are coincidence, 'glitches', random acts or accidents. The US has a long history of silencing, disrupting, smearing and so on people/campaigns that are trying to bring about positive change. Especially those who are gaining popularity and influence.

Unfortunately this is nothing new - perhaps at its height during the 60s/70s when countless amounts of good people were silenced in various ways, but it still goes on today and it's naive when people accuse activists of paranoia or being conspiracy theorists. This stuff is obvious. The powers-that-be will stop at nothing but at least we can be on our guard and look out for it.

Stay safe + keep up the good fight, no matter how hard they try to make it.

Fight the Power

Rhonda — 05:50 AM Oct 21, 2008

I have never agreed with Cindy on much, but I do feel strongly about dirty campaign tactics which clearly the Pelosis of the world are expert at. Forget debating on issues, just intimidate, sabotage, and bully your opponents. I'm sorry that you had to learn the hard way - the Democrats only used you as long as you were useful. Now, you're clearly a threat to their power base. But as an American, you have a right to point out the fact that they've abused their power - both parties have. Rock and roll.

Give up

Jesse — 06:24 AM Oct 21, 2008

I agree with you on Iraq and social issues, but on the economy you are basically a communist.

You want to nationalize industries. If the Democrats give in to people like you, I'm going to leave the party.

Go to Cuba.


Jesse — 06:25 AM Oct 21, 2008

And yes I found you through Drudge, as did most of these angry incoherent people above me.


Rick from Oklahoma — 06:56 AM Oct 21, 2008

I don't think you have a chance of unseating a Texas tick like Pelosi, and I don't care for your anti war rhetoric, but the enemy of America's enemy is my friend. I hope you dig that tick out of Congress, and help save us from Socialism.

What ha[[ened to impeachment, instead all we got was the Bailout

Bennyandthejets — 07:02 AM Oct 21, 2008

Instead of impeachment all we got for the last 2 years was donations from the likes of Fannie Mae and Countrywide to Pelosi, Dodd and Frank and the massive Bailout for Wall Street, what happened to the slam-dunk case of lying about WMD's and impeachment? Why in the world would Pelosi and the cronies deserve another term?

Scary Stuff Going On...

PTA MOM from LI — 07:10 AM Oct 21, 2008

I respect you for your beliefs and fighting to make a difference in the world. After reading this story, which I found on the Drudge, I have to say that I wish you all the best in your crusade for office. That mean lady calls herself Catholic! Shame on her! Ask God to help you and protect you through this all! You're going to need it! It does sound like they will stop at nothing! Peace to all! But if you win, don't stop at saving the troops.... also save the unborn! They need a strong voice to help them too!

Cindy Call RNC

Lenny — 07:13 AM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy, bet you could get some help from the RNC if you asked for it. We (Freedom Lovers) wrote your district off as a lost cause years ago but since you are running against the Queen "B" and Crook In Charge of the House, the RNC may very well assist you. ASK and it will be given. Your son IS a HERO!!


Toni in TN — 08:13 AM Oct 21, 2008

Hey, Cindy

I used to be a Democrat before this election, but after seeing how Hillary was treated by not only the Obama campaign, media, and Nancy Pelosi whom I call a "Queen Bee," I got so disgusted that I am now an Independent. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BEAT PELOSI!!!! I am so sick and tired of her posing, and acting that I could throw up.

I wish you the best.

Toni in TN


greyfox — 08:25 AM Oct 21, 2008

I like Obama and all of his friends and associates, The Rev. Wright, Lois Farakon, Mr. Resko. And Oh yes William Ayers. A finer group of friends one would not dare ask for.
All stalwart Americans with the heart and soul of America in mind. And Michelle you go girl and continue ordering those out of site
hotel dinners at 440.00 Per. Lobster, Caviar and all of that hogh off the hog living. We can't wait for you to get into the Whitehouse and really show how high you can live.

Same old Politics

Mark — 08:28 AM Oct 21, 2008

Sorry you're recieving unfair treatment. All the old school power hungry politicians need to go. I in no way support your politics. But the people should decide elections not the creeps in power like Pelosi! Or their minions. Just disgusting.

pelosi hits cindy below the belt

jgibbs — 08:40 AM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy, what do you expect from pelosi and company? America is serious businees and to many folks are to damned willing to wish it away along with all of the freedom many of us have fought for. Get real mum. Stop whinning about what is wrong with everything. Build up the USA and her citizens and you will succeed. Pelosi, Obama and company just suck... Period. Get the idea and you will see the results you seek!


jlovato — 08:40 AM Oct 21, 2008

While I can't agree with virtually any of your points, being a conservative (Ron Paul type, not a neo-con "Reagan" type), I can appreciate your honesty. You seem to be a genuine person first and a (hopeful) politician second, unlike most in office. Washington was always intended to be staffed by the common folk of this nation.. not career Washington elites.

Don't listen to these bitter jerks posting built up negativity from their own lives. People are tasteless and nasty when no one's there in person to challenge their statements.

Pelosi Out...Sheehan In!

XPIOLT — 08:41 AM Oct 21, 2008

I wish I could vote for you Cindy and Im a conservative. I hate Pelosi, I hate all liars no matter what party they are pretending to be in. It's time to get rid of all the neo-cons and neo-liberals. Good Luck.


Sean in CA — 08:49 AM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy, your stance on ILLEGAL immigration is so ridiculous that it can only be assumed that it was merely designed to garner votes from a certain demographic. That being said, I urge you to not only keep your home's door unlocked at night, but leave it wide open. Let's see how long the things you've worked hard for all your life will last. I wager not very long. Being against ILLEGAL immigration isn't a racist issue, it's an economic issue, a quality of life issue. This country cannot absorb unlimited amounts of people who take more from the system than they contribute into it, bottom line.

Keep Going

JD — 08:52 AM Oct 21, 2008

Keep your head up Cindy. Remember, those people are hardcore cold blooded killers, you have to not let them get to you. You CAN win! We need you in congress.


Brian — 08:59 AM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy, I can't say I agree with you on the issues, and in fact I most likely wouldn't vote for you, but I have enough respect for democracy and more so for independents like yourself who truly want to do good for your country. It's disgusting how dirty the business of politics is. Good luck Cindy, Pelosi is a sham and needs to be exposed for what she is. She, and way too many politicians are about the power and not the country. I hope you and your campaign stay safe.

BJ — 09:17 AM Oct 21, 2008

The only solution is to beat Pelosi and take back the People's Seat in congress!


kev — 09:18 AM Oct 21, 2008

Keep pluggin along, a steady hand eventaully will prevail. Best of luck to you in the campaign.


Jesse — 09:20 AM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy wants to nationalize energy, gas, oil.

And The Democrats are the socialists?

It's Always Like This

Kodys Grandma — 09:22 AM Oct 21, 2008


I don't support your politics but it's always like this. Supporting Barry Goldwater on Long Island in 1964 I had my car egged and my yard trashed. Yeh- Pelosi's camp is probably doing it, with her knowledge hard to say. Can she control them if she wants to, not if they're outside her group. You just have to publicize and live with it. Good, absolutely not bur until we recognize the other's guys right to function if will be this way.


Paladin — 09:25 AM Oct 21, 2008

You are correct about the Democratic party being socialist at heart. Unfortunately, the Republican party has become largely fascist. Both of these require larger, more powerful government. We need new political parties and new politicians.

Good luck, Cindy. Question every gift.

Cindy Sheehan

Rhonda — 09:37 AM Oct 21, 2008

Face it America, Money and Power talk. No regular citizen can even hope to compete with powerful people like Pelosi, Reid and Obama. It will only get worse as socalism becomes more prominate. You ask for Change America so don't wine as your freedoms are taken away. Change is needed, but it will take the right person.


Noel — 09:39 AM Oct 21, 2008

The Dems used you as a pawn before, now they will throw you under the bus.


Robert — 09:44 AM Oct 21, 2008

I don't agree with much you stand for Cindy, but it really does seem that Nancy and the Dem big wigs are playing dirty. I'm sure she doesn't like the idea that you would receive ANY votes. KEEP FIGHTING!!!

Dems Spying on you

George Bush — 09:44 AM Oct 21, 2008

Welcome to world of the republican party babe!! If you don't agree with the Dems, you get destroyed by any means necessary.


ZIG — 09:52 AM Oct 21, 2008

Look what the they have done to destroy a citizen who dared question Obama's economic plan. Look at the New York Times and what garbage they are putting about about Cindy McCain JUST WORDS.


Susan — 09:53 AM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy, I will admit that I am not one of your biggest fan, but it does appear that you and your campaign are being targeted and I am sorry that you are having to put up with this. Good luck...Pelosi really needs to be taken down and out...she has been a huge mistake for the Democrat Party and for the nation....

I can't stand Nancy Pelosi

Paul — 09:55 AM Oct 21, 2008

what's new?

Lisa — 10:00 AM Oct 21, 2008

Having worked on 5 campaigns of varying types in 3 states now, I can say that all the things you describe happen on a regular basis. It's just how the Dem's operate - very sad, but it just may get even worse as election day draws near - it always does.


Frepper — 10:01 AM Oct 21, 2008

to the liberal world you live in. They tear down signs, scrap cars that have bumper stickers, get in your face if you like McCain but isn't this the party of peace and freedom. Smell the roses Cindy.........

Democrat's for what they are

Bob Demarest — 10:05 AM Oct 21, 2008

Unfortunately, this is business as usual for the Left. If they gain a "Super Majority" we will see bills become law without challenge and they will create a huge government bent on the will of the Democrat's. A welfare state that will quiet the masses who are already welfare cases and those who will be driven to it in droves, finding it more likable than a good days honest work. Heavy taxation will be a stark reality too. So, let's all hope Obama, Biden and Pelosi go down in flames here...

Pelosi not honest

Deb — 10:15 AM Oct 21, 2008

Although I don't support the democrat platform, Pelosi is the most dishonest and unethical speaker of the house and this is not the change that was promised. Cindy Sheehan would never run a campaign of empty promises like Ms. Pelosi, I see her more of an open book. I think personal tragedy has a lot to do with her mission than personal ambition of Ms. Pelosi. Good luck and hang in there.


Dot — 10:15 AM Oct 21, 2008

pelosi is a spoiled rich daughter of democrat politicians who has had everything her way. she gets union support and yet hires only non union workers for her many businesses. how can unions support her?

Welcome to our side...

David — 10:24 AM Oct 21, 2008

Sorry you're going through this, Cindy -- at least you now know what Democrat leaders like Pelosi and Reid are capable of...just as we Republicans have been warning the country about for years now.


Big Al — 10:26 AM Oct 21, 2008

Now you see up close and personal what the republicans have been complaining about for years. Politics in general has gone to Hell.

Cindy, you were used in the beginning and then you stood on your principles, so they turned thier backs on you when you became of little value anymore. Now you stand against them and get to see the other side of their coin.


rcl — 10:35 AM Oct 21, 2008

It's kind of touching to read comments such as Dot's. "How can unions support her?" Dot, unions don't care about their members any more than corporations. They're both business. They only follow the money.
Same with politicians. There's no conspiracy here, it's just how people are whether running a government or business. That's why less oppression exists where there is maximum freedom of property and commerce. As we have voted to concentrate more and more power in Washington our rights now are being dealt out by millionaire politicians who are nearly beyond our reach to control.
Learn. You can't ever beat Pelosi with a 3rd Party. If you want change you'll have to hold your nose and switch sides. Otherwise you're just a flea on an elephant.

Welcome To The New America

jeg — 10:43 AM Oct 21, 2008

Have experienced severe hatred in my major city too, just b/c I am known to have differing views than liberals. Even received hate mail by an anonymous person. Their own words 'narrow-minded' 'intolerant' 'hate' don't work -it's acceptable if it's against anyone but them. Unity in America has gone down the toilet. Welcome to the New America - sad.

Why are you surprised?

Hezqi — 10:49 AM Oct 21, 2008

This sounds like standard Democratic operating procedure. I'm not surprised.

Very Funny Campaign

Shane — 10:53 AM Oct 21, 2008

I find it amusing that Cindy or anyone on the left has an issue with what Pelosi is doing. Pelosi has the morals and ethics that one must have to believe what the left believes. She is doing all the things that a liberal believes are acceptable by thier moral code. Winning and imposing thier views is what is important. Any means are justified by the ends. Every value and moral that the "liberal left" holds justifies Pelosi's actions. The values of the liberals will always give the same results that Cindy is seeing.

The values that are held by the liberals are absolute intolerance of others opinions. Absolute intolerance of any other point of view. Absolute intolerance of the other side. Anyone with an opposing view is treated phriah and castigated. Words of insult are hurled and that person is said to be of low moral value. Exactly the arguments that Cindy hurled at those she disagreed with. Her current treatment is exactly the treatment she gave those who disagreed with her. It is her value system they practice, she just doesn't understand that she is exactly the same. She is just currently on the recieving end.


Jack — 11:07 AM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy, Keep your chin up. I don't agree with you on most things. But you have my deepest sympathy for the loss of your son who Died with Honor. No one can take that from you. I don't deny you the right of your opinion on the war. Don't let anger consume you. Keep marching on what you beleive just make sure it doesn't consume you. I am a conservative and think that Nancy "the fake" Pelosi is a stain on our goverment. I think you are being sabotaged with her 100 million dollars she has compared to your tens of thousands. She payed off that auto dial company as well as people inside the liberal san fran court to summons you. I hope the FBI will open an investigation. your best bet to get the word out is see if Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh or Bill oriely will give you the platform to point out all of these not so coinsidental things that are sabotaging you. When you ask them for help, Stay away from attacking the right, use it to bring the truth about Nancy to light. Show what a develish women Nancy is, get elected and then use your seat in congress to voice your concerns. Good Luck and God Speed.

welcome to earth cindy

sam — 11:08 AM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy your just realizing that the far left invented deceitfulness,hypocracy,hatefulness,trechery and vindictiveness? Your brand of far left lunacy is up against Pelosis brand of far left power madness and quess what? No contest sweetie. I do respect you for not deleting critical comments on your site though. And I hope you win.

Good job...

Mike — 11:09 AM Oct 21, 2008

I am proud of your efforts, even though I am more conservative in my thinking than most republicans and would likely not cast a vote in your direction.

Politics aside, god bless your family for giving your son in our name, and may he rest in peace.

I am tired of the entire crowd that does NOT use clear language to define their views, leaving the electorate in a fog, groping to know how to vote. This crowd includes Pelosi, McObama, Jarah Piden, and the rest.

You and other fresh faces state your intent and your vision with clarity. If all politicians had the strength to communicate their convictions we could choose confidently.

Thank you fo your fighting spirit!

— 11:10 AM Oct 21, 2008

Don't agree with you but...

Mark — 11:10 AM Oct 21, 2008

Well, must say ran into this article on Drudge. Now I would never support Cindy but I believe that she is not paranoid and these loons will do every thing they can to keep their power. But I do admire her drive to make a difference!

Go for it Cindy!

John Garvey — 11:13 AM Oct 21, 2008

two losers running against each other. Either way California loses - however, if Cindy wins, the USA wins since the witch of the House will be gone.


Sheltiman — 11:17 AM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy, I can�t find a single issue on which I can agree with you on and your antics the past few years have quite frankly gotten on my nerves. At the same time though, I have admired your courage and determination and affirm your right as a fellow American to do what you are doing and wish you the best. If what you are saying is true about the attempts to undermine your campaign to represent the people, I will be front and center demanding the individuals responsible be brought into account, no matter what their party or group affiliation.

how does it feel

Michael — 11:18 AM Oct 21, 2008

Democraps have been doin gthis to Republicans for years. See what a nice 'principled' party you belong to Cindy? How does it feel to be treated the way they treat ANYONE who disagrees with them.

"Freedom for me and not for thee" should be the democrap slogan

i hope you win

Michael — 11:20 AM Oct 21, 2008

Having said that, I hope YOU DEFEAT THAT SILLY WOMAN pelosi!!

I may disagree with everything you say but I defend your right to say so, and you are princiled in your belief - not shady underhanded lying weasel like most democraps

Good luck

Bob M. — 11:29 AM Oct 21, 2008

Good Luck in unseating Pelosi. I think she is one of the worst things to happen to congress in a long time. I am a life time conservative Republican, who believes the war was a mistake, but once we were committed, I supported our efforts. I voted for Bush but he did a lot of things I didn't support. I think a lot of things you did to show you didn't support the war or Bush were very wrong, however I do support your run for congress. The people in our Congress today think they are entitled to their seats, and the only way they should loose their seat is to die. The only real way to solve our nations problems is to have term limits. That way they can serve and go home before they become corupt. So, Cindy, good luck in your run for congress, as I am sure that after the race is over, you will have learned just how corupt our political system really is.



Hi Cindy,
Keep fighting in the sunshine. You have fans in Indiana. Keep your eye on the goal! You've got great name ID and Pelosi's name is mud....ALL across the country.

Don't be afraid to reach out to conservatives either. Many of us conservatives are against U.S. invasions of foreign countries too, but all about national defense and the right to bear arms.


Craig Livingstone — 11:43 AM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy, Welcome to Obama's "Brave New World Order". If he is elected along with his two Congressional stooge leaders, Pelosi and Reid, you can expect many more visits to your home or work place by the same people who decided to rip into Joe, the plumber, for having the "audaciity" to ask Obama a direct question that exposed his true socialist agenda. Be thankful, Cindy. At least you were warned.

Don't be so naive!

Mr. Magoo — 11:43 AM Oct 21, 2008

Dear Cindy,

Of course this is strongarm tactics of Pelosi. Yes you are being harrassed and more by thugs tied to her. Don't be so weak... be SMART... guard your offices and anything important to your campaign. Don't let them get away with this BS. FIGHT BACK! Install cameras in your headquarters if need be... catch the perps on tape. Never go anywhere alone and don't be so trusting of everyone. There are some out there who are trying to harm your campaign and possibly even you or those that work for you. Hire a guard if need be for your headquarters 24/7.

Pelosi and Villa'poncha are jokes

kay — 11:45 AM Oct 21, 2008

I feel for you. Nancy Pelosi is a very manipulative, power hungry, and controlling. She doesn't give a damn what people think -- she wants to do our thinking for us.
I live in Los Angeles... they don't get more corrupt than our mayor. And he's not smart.... it's a tough combination to fight!
I don't know how you get the media to expose them. We can't get any opposition to our mayor anywhere in the press, and we have a great candidate.
Politics have taken a very bad turn when the public voice is silenced.

Pelosi is needs the job!

samantha rogers — 11:49 AM Oct 21, 2008

Her husband lost big money investing in AIG. Pelosi is just another angry politician who adjusts her positions to the shifting wind.

They can bug your hotel, but they can't stop the power of the ballot.


ZH — 11:52 AM Oct 21, 2008

I'm sorry you've had a string of bad luck, but please don't become a loon - you have a lot of good things to say and this kind of nuttyness is the sort of thing that gets people totally written off. You've had some very bad luck, but don't go looking for CIA agents in your broom closet. Next time, don't put your campaign HQ on one of the most dangerous blocks in the city; if you must, don't let people in off the street. I'm a former neighbor - I wouldn't leave my door open out there unless I was standing guard with a baseball bat! You run a campaign that attracts people from the political fringe, so I have no doubt your former staffer is a legitimate nutter and not an operative [why would a spy make follow up harrassing phone calls?].

Anyway, I'm still glad there are people like you presenting alternative political viewpoints, just keep it in the real world and maybe you'll get elected some day.

Pelosi is ruthless!

wonderwoman2 — 11:56 AM Oct 21, 2008

Obama and Pelosi are in this together. McCain will stop out of control congressional spending, not have Pelosi and the gang ready and drooling to pass Barrack's Trillion dollar "I'll say and spend anything to get elected" package! This is a quote from a Canadian citizen on Mike Huckabee News: She said,"I'm proud to live next to the greatest nation in the world for what you do, the good for others. I can understand the anger over your economics, but what I can't understand is the direction of this anger. George Bush has been a great president; he has kept you safe for the past seven years. He is bringing you home in victory. The economy was booming until the democrats took over the congress. Since the democrats took over in congress there's been a huge increase in spending. Why are they angry with George Bush and Republicans? Why aren't they angry with Nancy Pelosi, Barnie Frank, ACORN, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac? Mike's reply was, "You obviously have a greater love, respect, appreciation for America than many people who live here." This race is not about race it is about getting to the truth. Obama wants to "spread your wealth around" Big government = Obama, RESEARCH so you know who you are voting for. Read: "The Case Against Obama" "Stealing Elections" Find out about: ACORN,Farrakhan,Ayers,Rev.Wright,Foreign money,etc.


DebCon — 12:03 PM Oct 21, 2008

Wow, I tend to be very conservative but all power to ya'.

At least you're finding out the Dems are just as corrupt as the Republicans - frankly I think both parties engage in endless fingerpointing and faux ideological battles to mask the fact that both sides are corrupt and gaming the system for political spoils.


HM3360 — 12:10 PM Oct 21, 2008

When you decided to run against Nancy had you not realized there are no rules for Democrats? They will do ANYTHING to get elected.

Reformer Rebel Women needed!

Laurie — 12:19 PM Oct 21, 2008

There are Good Democrats like Cindy, and Good Republicans too who want to boot out corrupt money grubbers like Pelosi. We good people need to stick together and get rid of elite crooks on both sides of the aisle.

Cindy is dealing with the garbage we Republicans have suffered under for years. Judge people as individuals and support real reformer rebels like Palin. We need kick butt women to clean the old boy's system out.

Independence day

Walt — 12:19 PM Oct 21, 2008

Run as an independent next time and you will get more support. Fancy Nancy Plastic Pelosi will get her come-uppins for sure. Its a matter of time. Keep pushing the envelope and be more aware of your enemies at this political level. Desperate people do desperate things.

In all honesty

Brian — 12:29 PM Oct 21, 2008

There are many sides to a lie, but only 1 side to the truth.

and nobodys right, if everybodys wrong.

ty,for what your are doing .


Burke Guthrie — 12:32 PM Oct 21, 2008

cindy running for congress against pelosi this is awesome it goes to show the democratic party cant get along with there own much less the republicans, no chance at bipartisan politics with either of these two, who do you want as commander in chief someone who served or someone that cant take a position, mccain all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is no Bush!


Tony — 12:40 PM Oct 21, 2008

I want you to win so bad. You need to stop the murders that the Democrats are silent about. they said they would bring them home. They lied to me and all the voters to get elected. Cindy, you are truth. You will win. You will beat Pelosi and get rid of her once and for all.


Rebel — 12:49 PM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy, as the father of a Marine, you have my condolences
on the loss of your son. His sacrifice sadly - and boldly -
supports the freedoms we take for granted every day.
I'm not in your district; I don't support your politics. I
agree with an earlier post that the Democrats and
Republicans have NO shame in silencing any kind of
outsider. Pelosi is well-known for ignoring her children;
she's ignoring her responsibilities as a duly-elected
official to wage a fair campaign. Pelosi, Reid, Murtha,
and others - TAKE THE FIGHT TO THEM! Get them out
of office!!!

Democrat Party

Doesn't Matter — 01:05 PM Oct 21, 2008

Remember everyone, it is the Democrat Party, not Democratic, they are far from Democratic in policy, spread the wealth!


Kelly — 01:26 PM Oct 21, 2008

I hate Nancy Pelosi, I hate California for voting her in. She is an embarassing blohard that unfortunatly is the face of the DNC. Where can I donate to anyone that will take her out. Please email me with information.

Donation on the way!

Darrell — 01:27 PM Oct 21, 2008

I can't think of a more effective demonstration of the utter moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Democratic party than Cindy Sheehan in Congress. Two years of that would be worth about $100 million for the Republicans.

And so, to that end, I'm sending $20 to Cindy for her campaign.

McCain/Palin 08!


Chris — 01:38 PM Oct 21, 2008

Nancy Pelosi absolutely makes me sick. You can look at her face and tell she's evil.

Cindy Sheehan is real change

Mike Paulson II — 01:45 PM Oct 21, 2008

George Wallace said it best, "there's not a dime's worth of difference between" Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats willingly went along with the War in Iraq, suspension of Habeas Corpus, Patriot Act, banning books like "America Deceived' from Amazon, Wikipedia and Facebook, warrant-less wiretapping and opening private mail. They are both guilty of treason.
Clean them all out, put in Cindy and start saving this great nation.
Last link (before Google Books bends to gov't Will and drops the title):

Wanda wears Depends

Boo — 01:54 PM Oct 21, 2008

McCain has been looking a little tense lately. I think he is crapping during his speeches in his Depends. I guess Palin will have to wipe him backstage. Yikes!


CAVEMAN — 01:57 PM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy, I'll support you if Obama will not tax me to death.

Nothing new

Doktor Jeep — 01:57 PM Oct 21, 2008

Leftist think only the right pulls that crap.
The so-called conservatives think only the left does that.

Well, the truth is, the whole democrat/liberal-republican/conservative thing is a false paradyne set up for the sheep to think their votes make a difference.

Cindy's problems come not from being left or right or whatever, but from challenging power. Look no further than what Pelosi has done and you know she may call herself a democrat but is taking orders from plutocrats, pretty much like Kucinich, Paul, and a few others.

Cindy is going up against the warfare state, and is getting the same treatment from the DNC that republicans who go up against it have also gotten.

Conservatives never conserve, liberals don't liberate.


Doktor Jeep — 01:59 PM Oct 21, 2008

Paul, Kucinich, etc are not taking order from plutocrats.

Neither would Cindy.

Though I would not likely agree with her values anybody not a CFR pick is good enough.

Fight the good fight.

Joe Ringling — 02:02 PM Oct 21, 2008

Quite honestly I never really knew anything about you other than you lost your son in Iraq and were protesting in Crawford. It wasn't until hearing your interview on the Alex Jones Show that I realized my presuppositions about you were totally wrong. You are a patriot! I wish I lived in your district so I could cast my vote for you. You are courageous, standing up to Nancy Pelosi and her lies. Bring our troops home, stop the lies! Let's take our country back from these corporate loving, globalizing, war mongers, and get back to the Republic our forefathers died for. I will continue to pray for you Mrs. Sheehan. That good will overcome evil, and there dirty politics will come back to bite them in the end.

Me too!

Phil — 02:04 PM Oct 21, 2008

Get Pelosi outta here!

SF Loyalist — 02:10 PM Oct 21, 2008

All Sheehan supporters and all Anti-Sheehanites. together with all Sanfransiscans have an opportunity to get Pelosi out. Make the necessary move. Take the action, get away from your computer and do something productive.

As for the Anti-Sheehanites, there are other choices - Do your homework and Vote...

Democrat politics

Jack Kennedy — 02:13 PM Oct 21, 2008

Welcome to the world of democrat party politics.

Your journey is tough to start with, but the dimension added by obama thugery politics has made it more hazardous for your stuggle for liberal integrity.

Your intellectual honesty is refreshing, especially in this year of obama and democrat party hypocrisy.

It is unfortunate that you are caught up in the worst of it by the democrat power elite.

Pelosi is not about to suffer any discomfort and she has learned some new tricks by the chicago thug.

Good luck with your struggle for democrat accountability

Cowboy hats

Michelle — 02:38 PM Oct 21, 2008

Maybe the dognappers had been to a Country and Western costume party and they were too lazy to change their clothes. The might not be republicans at all! And anyone can fake a southern drawl. Well, maybe not the French-Canadiens, but most eveyone else can.

Campaign Sabotage

John W — 02:41 PM Oct 21, 2008

It is a Federal Crime to tamper with an election local state or federal,unless you're a Democrat, she needs to get the FBI involved or shut up. The Democrat Party is being run by lying thugs and despicable crooks. While ever idiots will go into the voting booth and blindly vote for their party, either one, there will be no change. Both parties rely upon bigotry and stupidity to keep getting elected.

You're a hero

scott — 03:05 PM Oct 21, 2008

I would like to say thank you for fighting the good fight. All of our nation needs true heroes like yourself to stand up for their rights again. Even if you don't win I'm sure you'll have two years from now planned down to a tee. Good luck Congresswoman Sheehan.

Down with Pelosi!

Mike Walsh — 03:23 PM Oct 21, 2008

Isn't it funny how she plays dirty, using her influence and power to disrupt your campaign? She used you as a tool, Cindy, when you were speaking out against Bush and the war. Now that Pelosi doesn't need you anymore, she kicks you to the curb and seeks to marginalize you and what you stand for.

Pelosi makes me sick and she needs to be unseated! Throw all those bums out!

Go Cindy!!


Chad — 03:28 PM Oct 21, 2008

Hi Cindy:
I believe you need to be very careful. If Pelosi is doing all of these things, she has probably hired the Dem hit team that hacked into Sarah Palins email and will probably do the same to you. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!


Martha — 03:28 PM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy's dog died?

I thought you were friends w the liberals.

Josh — 03:29 PM Oct 21, 2008

Im confused. What party are you running with? Maybe this is just a lesson of what the Dem party is capable of. Look at what Obama's troops are doing. They are in the process of stealing votes.

Cingy- Nacy Cat fight

An American — 03:32 PM Oct 21, 2008

When will people realize that being in bed with the political left, i.e. Democrats , is like sleeping with a rogue Tiger. One of the slowest learners is John McCain. Reach out to them, and they will shake your hand, while using the other to stab you in the back.


Christopher in Texas — 03:33 PM Oct 21, 2008


While I disagree with you politically, what has happened to you is shame. You were a disposible commodity. Your party used you and then showed you the door. This is their response, for wanting to stay at the dance, past midnight.


Are you really that bored?

Chrispy — 03:38 PM Oct 21, 2008

You have to sit here and trash a beautiful, brave woman willing to stand up to the people responsible for driving our country into a ditch? She will go down in history as a person who stood proudly in opposition to pirates and traitors. While as history unfolds you will feel ashamed of how you just jumped on the wagon of stupidity like you did with the Dixie Chicks. Years down the road you will most likely lie about how you supported one of the true American heroes. Do you all really love Bush and Cheney that much that you trash one of the few people in the whole country willing to stick out their neck? I don't envy the shame you are going to have to deal with.

jack — 03:38 PM Oct 21, 2008

Welcome to the new Socialist Heaven! With Obama/Pelosi and Reid calling all the shots, kiss your freedom good by! They have fooled you with their nice talk...they are grabbing power for power's sake and will never let go. Biden is now warning us of the wars to come with is "Obama is going to be tested by the world". They look forward to it with glee. You talke about Bush is OBAMA with a Bule Turbine!

Conservative support

Ghost of Reagan — 03:43 PM Oct 21, 2008

You and I have little in common, and politically agree on very little. I believe we(the U.S.) and the world are much better off with Saddam removed from power. A democratic Iraq gives the U.S., and the world another ally in the Mid East and will provide additional security and stability to the world. The blood and sacrifice of our troops who have served there are not and will not be in vain.

But despite this sample of our differences, we have one major commonality. That Pelosi is the devil, a deceiver, and a self-serving, party first, political hack. I would much rather see you in that congressonal seat because at least with you, we know who you are. You are honest about who you are and what you stand for. You make no excuses and offer no hypocritical front to your beliefs.

My sympathies to you for the loss of your son. I am grateful for his service and sacrifice for our nation. If I had the power to bring him back to you alive, I would.

I wish you well, good luck, and Godspeed in your endeavors.

Advice to Cindy

Margaret — 03:53 PM Oct 21, 2008

Dear Cindy: You may want to reconsider your party affiliation. This is just standard operating procedure for Democrats. They will take you down - that's who they are - and it will only get worse if Obama is elected. Anyone who dissents will be silenced. His campaign has already proven that in states all over the country. Be very afraid.

Good Luck

N7r3pyd — 04:00 PM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy, I admire your committment and your non-partisan position. From critic of George Bush to Nancy Pelosi...

If I lived in San Fransisco you would definitely have my vote.

I am getting your ROBO CALLS on my cell phone

Rick — 04:03 PM Oct 21, 2008

I am IRATE. I never opted in for this garbage. Is this legal? Do I have recourse? I do not like Pelosi and I wish you no harm, but I have learn a lot about you in the last ten minutes from your call and from browsing the above comments. For starters, you are not capable of managing simple tasks.

Pet Detective

Pablo — 04:05 PM Oct 21, 2008

I saw these movies one time and they hiared
a detecteev to get the dolfin that was taken
by some guys.

The Pelosi Attack Dogs

Fred — 04:07 PM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy you are finding out what right wingers have known for years. Liberals are Nazis who WILL do anything to destroy the opposition. If you haven't learned it yet, you will. Liberalism IS Nazism.


gernhartd — 04:10 PM Oct 21, 2008

As Rev Wright says"Da chickens have come home to roost". Maybe some people in Crawford, Texas thought it was a dirty trick to hang out there all summer and harrass everyone that went by. Paybacks a bitch I quess LOL

Jury duty exception

Helping Hand — 04:14 PM Oct 21, 2008

Disqualify yourself from the jury duty by claiming that your political activism makes you not an impartial juror, or anything like that to appear an undesirable juror.And watch your back - you are up against a monster that would do anything.Pelosi is on AIPAC payroll.AIPAC = Mossad = lowest low lives there are.This scum will do anything.

You Go Girl

Sandra P — 04:17 PM Oct 21, 2008

Cindy: You are my Hero!
I too had my dog nabbed,nancy pelosi on my ass
and my phones bugged. But I'm better now.

Paola — 04:50 PM Oct 21, 2008


Paola — 04:50 PM Oct 21, 2008


Paola — 04:50 PM Oct 21, 2008


George — 04:51 PM Oct 21, 2008

Bad? Bad what?

Best wishes to Cindy

Randall Hanson — 05:14 PM Oct 21, 2008

I am from Iowa Cindy,I am not at all happy with Pelosi,I wish I could vote for you...Anyway Best wishes to you you are a Saint.:)

Cindy Sheehan Story.

Marlon Crump — 05:46 PM Oct 21, 2008

Read all about Cindy Sheehan at POOR Magazine's site,


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