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Securing the Kirpan - Educating California's Law Enforcement

In February, Assembly Member Warren Furutani (D-Long Beach) introduced a bill that seeks to train all California law enforcement officers about the kirpan. If it passes, this would become the first law pertaining specifically to the Sikh kirpan anywhere in the United States.

This week, the bill will face its first full vote on the floor of the California State Assembly. We need your help to convince the Assembly to approve this bill.

Will you help ensure that Sikhs are treated with respect and dignity by our law enforcement officers?

Send your local Assembly Member an email using the form below. If you have time, call them or set up an in-person meeting. The more lawmakers that vote for this bill, the better the chances that Governor Schwarzenegger will sign it into law.

Please do your part to help strengthen our community in California.

To read more about the proposed legislation, click here.

We strongly encourage you to personalize the email below. A stock message is never as effective as your own story.