Join the Final Push to Ensure Sikhi in Minnesota Schools (test)

Since February of 2020, the Sikh Society of Minnesota and the Sikh Coalition have been working together to ensure that Sikhi is included in the state’s next K-12 Social Studies Standards and Benchmarks. This document determines what children learn in Minnesota’s public schools.

The third draft of the Standards and Benchmarks was released earlier this week. Sikhi is now included in the middle school section, but we are still missing from the high school section. There is also still no high school benchmark for studying religion as a part of modern identity rather than just a series of historical events.

Raising our voice is working, but we still have a little more work to do. Use this tool to submit one more public comment urging the Minnesota Department of Education to finish the job and fully include Sikhs! When you’re done, encourage your family and friends in Minnesota to send in their public comment.

Thank you for your continued efforts to make safer, more inclusive classrooms for our children and all the children of Minnesota.