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Dear Supporter

Congratulations! You made the cut. You are 1 of 182 lucky people who will enjoy the party of the year and bowl for a good cause on Sunday, October 23rd!

And here’s a late breaking bonus:  DJ Kucha will be spinning bhangra while we bowl!

But let’s get down to business. This is a fundraiser. Last year we raised $42,000 so this year’s goal is at least $55,555.  Why $55,555? Well there are 5k’s in Sikhi. And, that’s the amount the Bay Area Sikhs raised for the Coalition at last month’s 5K run for the Coalition. So the East Coast MUST beat the West Coast because you and I know that this is the best coast. 

Does fundraising make you nervous? Is it something you like to avoid? Us too. But it’s a necessary part of moving this good work forward. With this in mind, we’ve composed an email for those fundraising for the first time. It’s below. BUT BUT BUT you can also access it on your personal bowlathon webpage and automatically send it to all your friends on Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo.

Happy fundraising! Let’s try to get to $20,000 by the end of the week.



Tejpreet Kaur
Community Organizer

The Sikh Coalition
40 Exchange Place, Ste 728
New York, NY 10005
Office: (212) 655-3095 x 86
Email: tejpreet@sikhcoalition.org

Email Subject Line:  Supporting a Good Cause

Dear Friends

I rarely ask you to financially support a good cause, but I am writing to ask for your support in a cause that I believe in: The Sikh Coalition.

If you don’t know about the Coalition, you should. They litigate, advocate, and educate in support of Sikh right and the rights of all. They’ve open previously closed doors to Sikhs in the US Army, spearheaded the creation of NYC school regulations that protects all students from bullying, and just last month worked with Mayor Bloomberg to announce a new NYC law that enhances anti-discrimination protections for all in the workplace.

If you know the Coalition and want to support me and their work, no need to read more, just click here to donate.

But if you want to know more about the Sikh Coalition, let me tell you about Gurwinder Singh.

Gurwinder is a Sikh youth from Richmond Hill, New York. Like so many of us, he suffered bullying in school. In his case, he also suffered violence in school. In his words, growing up he worried every day about his safety in school, more than anything else. The Coalition, to their credit, and Gurwinder, to his credit, have worked together to end the bullying that Sikh kids like him in New York City schools face every day.

Gurwinder has since worked diligently to ensure that today’s Sikh youth do not experience the violence in school.  He is currently a senior member of the Sikh Youth of New York, a youth group in Richmond Hiill, Queens that is addressing school bullying; has successfully had his personal narrative published in “Patriot Acts: Narratives of Post-9/11 Injustice,” attended the White House Summit on Bullying Prevention in Washington DC, spoken on Capitol Hill on his experiences with bullying, and has lead a workshop on bullying at Camp Chardi Kala, an annual summer youth leadership camp.  

We need Gurwinder’s and the Coalition’s work to continue. Support me, support the Coalition, support Gurwinder, support our youth.  I don’t ask often, but this works means a great deal to me. I hope it does to you as well: Please click here to donate