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The Sikh Coalition News
December 8, 2011

Open Doors and Harsh Realities

Yesterday, our community proudly embraced Major Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi and celebrated his receipt of the Bronze Star Medal from the U.S. Army. His extraordinary achievement while maintaining his Sikhi demonstrates a truth we know: When you remove prejudice and remove  fear, and just allow Sikhs to serve, Sikhs can excel.  We just need an open door.

But let’s have a reality check. Let’s examine our reality, however harsh. 
Consider this:
  • The federal government refuses to officially track hate crimes against Sikhs.
  • The most important federal law on bullying omits protection based on religion; therefore our kids are not fully protected under the law.
  • In many public buildings, it is still illegal to carry a kirpan.
  • Sikhs can still be profiled at airports and the government can get away with it.
  • U.S. courts have declared that companies can lawfully segregate Sikh workers, out of public view.
The (harsh) reality is that, in many ways, American law does not protect Sikhs from discrimination. As 2011 comes to a close, we’re asking you to help us change this harsh reality.

Please consider donating $50, $100, $500, $1000 or more to our end of year campaign.

With your support, we’ve done groundbreaking work to open doors that were previously closed:

The difference between whether a Sikh voice is heard in the halls of power or not is you. Please consider giving to our end of year campaign now. As always, we thank you for your support and pledge to continue to fight and deliver positive results for the community.

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