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The Sikh Coalition Alert
March 5, 2012

  • Rep. Joseph Crowley Leads Effort to Track Anti-Sikh Hate Crimes

    March 5, 2012 (Washington, DC) – New York Congressman Joseph Crowley, in collaboration with the Sikh Coalition, is asking his colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives to sign a letter to the Justice Department, requesting that the FBI track hate crimes against Sikhs.  

    The Sikh Coalition urges you to CALL your elected representatives now and ask them to sign the letter. You may also e-mail your Member of Congress, but calling is much more effective.

    Click Here to Find the Phone Number of Your Member of Congress
    Click Here to E-mail Your Member of Congress (Remember to call as well)

    For your convenience, here are some tips and suggested talking points:

    1. Introduction – Introduce yourself and identify yourself as a constituent.

    2. Purpose of the Call – Say that you want your Representative to sign a letter initiated by Congressman Joseph Crowley requesting that the FBI track hate crimes against Sikhs.  Request to speak with a staff member who handles civil rights issues.

    3. Explanation of the Issue – Explain that the Sikh community is very susceptible to hate crimes in the United States, and that it is important for federal authorities to track hate crimes against the community. Failing to do so is bad public policy, because it is impossible to diagnose and prevent a problem unless it is being measured.

    Your voices make a difference.  Over 1400 Sikh Coalition supporters have signed our petition to the Justice Department, demanding that the FBI track hate crimes against Sikhs. Please keep the momentum going and contact your elected representatives today.

    Finally, please email us at legislative@sikhcoalition.org to let us know you contacted your Member of Congress.


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