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Dear Supporter,

Are you a parent?
Do you have children that are currently in K - 12th grade?
Would you like your child's peers to know about who Sikhs are?

The Sikh Coalition is offering presentations free of charge to any school in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC.  In your area, there is a group of trained presenters that have taken part in a 3-day training course on how to do presentations on Sikhi in schools, places of business, interfaith gatherings, etc.  These volunteers are poised and ready to educate others on who Sikhs are, what we believe in, and why we wear a turban and keep our kesh.  

If you would like a presentation done in your child's school or anywhere in your community, please send an email to education@sikhcoalition.org with your name, contact information, and the location of the presentation.

With your help, we can start creating awareness about Sikhs in the DC Metro Area, one child at a time.


Manbeena Kaur
Education Director
The Sikh Coalition

40 Exchange Place, Suite 728
New York, New York 10005