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The Sikh Coalition News
May 23, 2012
  • Local Schools and Turlock Gurudwara Host Sikh Awareness Events

    Fifteen Sikh Presenter’s Course attendees graduated from the Sikh Presenter’s Course last May equipped with the pubic speaking skills and content knowledge to share the basics of Sikhi with non-Sikhs.  These presenters are continuing to stay active and host presentations in the Bay Area.  In the past few months, many of them partnered together to lead successful presentations at the following venues:

    Evergreen Valley High School
    On April 26, these graduates led seven back to back Sikh Awareness presentations and disseminated information about Sikhs to almost 550 students.   These social studies, language, and ethnic studies students were able to learn about Sikh beliefs and history.  Since Vaisakhi was only 2 weeks prior, it’s relevance to both Sikhs and Punjabis was emphasized.  Students also watched the award winning documentary, Dastaar, and were also introduced to cultural elements like Bhangra.

    One teacher commented, “I like how [the presenter] made [the presentation] relatable to the students.  He clearly explained the important aspects of the faith.”

    Turlock Gurudwara
    On April 29, the Coalition was invited to present information at this Central Valley Gurudwara by a member of the local school board, Dr. Harinder Grewal.  Dr. Grewal invited several local officials from Turlock including the mayor, superintendent, and many educators.  The presentation consisted of a brief overview of the Sikh faith, and teacher resource packets were also distributed.  The Modesto Bee covered the successful event in their publication.  Please click here to read the article.

    James Logan High School
    On May 2, Sikh Presenter’s Course graduates organized an afterschool event for teachers at James Logan High School, with the help of Harpaul Singh Rana, a teacher at the school.  Teachers were introduced to the Sikh faith and served traditional Punjabi food for lunch.  Since this high school is in the New Haven Unified School District, teachers were also reminded that a Sikh Awareness Resolution was passed in this district in January.  Teachers were encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to give lessons on Sikhs, and educational packets were distributed to each educator present.

    Oak Grove High School
    On May 8, Sikh Presenter’s Course graduates gave a presentation to several sociology classes at Oak Grove High School.  Manreet Sahota, a student in the class, wanted to have a Sikh presentation since her teacher was covering the religion unit at the time.  The teacher, Mr. Greg Barnett, said that he “liked that the speakers were well prepared and informed.  They were very friendly and connected well with the students.  I hope you will return next year!”

    An estimated 750 non-Sikhs were educated on Sikhs and Sikh practices because of these presentations.

    The Coalition would like to give a special “thank you” to Nirvair Singh for both working with the schools to arrange these presentations and for spreading the beauty of Sikhi to these educators.  Along with Nirvair, several other Sikh Presenter’s Course graduates delivered presentations at these schools: Navjeet Singh Maddh, Meeta Kaur, Navjit Singh Basin, Tarandeep Singh Bali, Bhupinder Singh, and Satbir Singh.

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