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The Sikh Coalition Alert
August 7, 2012

Sikhs Come Together in Solidarity

The Sikh Coalition joins the Sikh community in shock and grief after the hateful attack in Oak Creek, Wisconsin on Sunday. The attack claimed the lives of six Sikhs and has left three others in critical condition, including one valiant police officer.

We stand in solidarity with the strength and chardi kala shown by the victims, survivors, and sangat of Oak Creek and all Americans nationwide. Joined by spirited Sikhs across the nation, the Sikh Coalition is taking the following steps to support our Oak Creek family:

  • Staff members are currently in Wisconsin to assess the needs of the community and provide appropriate seva to the Oak Creek sangat.
  • We have also been maintaining consistent contact with the federal authorities to ensure that the crime is appropriately investigated.
  • We are constantly responding to media inquiries so as to provide accurate information about Sikhism and reflect the resolute nature of the Khalsa.

In the true spirit of the Guru’s teachings, Sikhs across the country have come together, wrapped in Gurbani and with conviction:

  • In collaboration with community leaders, Sikh organizations--including the Sikh Coalition, SALDEF, United Sikhs, and Sikh Research Institute--have been coordinating efforts over the past 36 hours to provide a unified response.
  • A fund to help the affected has been initiated. The local Wisconsin community will be leading the distribution of funds directly to families most impacted.
  • Kaurs and Singhs have organized to meet for sangat nitnem, kirtan, and conversations
  • Youth groups are writing letters of solidarity to fellow Sikh youth in Oak Creek.

Our benti to all Sikhs is to continue remembering those affected by the Oak Creek attack and murders in your daily ardaas, and take the below steps to further engage in this time of need.

How can you help? Click here for more information.  Please note this list will be periodically updated on the Sikh Coalition website: 

1. Candlelight Vigil:

We urge Sikh-Americans across the nation to organize interfaith vigils within their respective communities for the evening of Wednesday August 8th.

The purpose of this effort is to coordinate a nationwide remembrance for the victims and their families. This will send a clear and unified message that we will not be divided; we will find hope in a moment of great tragedy; and we will move forward with the belief that freedom of religion remains a fundamental tenet of our great democracy.

Please reach out to the Sikh Coalition at contact@sikhcoalition.org to advise us about a vigil you and your community are organizing. We will share it online and through social media.

For your reference we have talking points about Sikhism, post 9/11 incidents, and what people can do to help the victims and their families as resources on our website. Please be aware of media presence at the vigils and refer to these documents to support your efforts to engage with them.

2. Donate Now

Support the victims and their families of the shootings. The local community in Oak Creek, WI will be leading the distribution of funds directly to those families impacted most by the deadly shootings with the goal of providing well needed relief in this time of crisis.  To donate, please go to http://www.indiegogo.com/Milwaukee-Sikh and click “Contribute Now!” All contributions are tax-deductible

3. Talk to your neighbors, friends, neighborhood groups, colleagues, and local media.

If you know of other events being organized, please send an email to: contact@sikhcoalition.org

The Sikh Coalition is once again honored and humbled to provide seva to a community so strong and beautiful, which comes together with chardi kala in trying times!

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Sikhs across the country are coming together this Wednesday, July 8th!

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