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The Sikh Coalition Alert
August 23, 2012
  • Only 1 Month Left to Enter the Diversity Video Competition.

    We are calling on everyone – Sikhs and non-Sikhs – to participate in a dialogue on respecting diversity through the Coalition’s video competition.

    As we all watched in horror as the events from Wisconsin unfolded before our eyes, some of us also felt helpless. What can we do, as a community, to ensure that the shootings in Wisconsin and Elk Grove never happen again? The answer is education. Educating law enforcement about Sikhi, inviting your community to your local gurdwara, or even leading presentations in schools. But something else we can do to portray the Sikh American experience to the greater public is through film.

    Don’t be left behind. Bring your voice to the discussion. Create a video for this year’s Diversity Video Competition, and let’s share with non-Sikhs what it feels like to wear our crowns - our turbans - with pride.


    My Crown - My Faith

    How does it feel to be a Sikh? Why don’t you try! Walk a mile in our shoes!

    Film-makers are encouraged to create a 5 minute video (or less) which depicts a non-Sikh adorning/wearing a Sikh turban for a day, and presenting himself/herself as a Sikh. The turban is a Sikh article of faith, and should always be treated with respect. The film should capture the reactions of passersby, friends, and family members. Pre and post interviews with main characters are encouraged.

    All entries must be received by September 30, 2012. No film experience is required to participate, and people of all ages are encouraged to submit videos.

    To Apply:

    Please visit http://www.sikhcoalition.org/our-programs/education/diversity-video-competition to read more. There you will find instructions, an application form, judging criteria, rules, judging phases and submission guidelines.

    Have questions? Email dvc@sikhcoalition.org.

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