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The Sikh Coalition Alert
September 4, 2012
  • Beware of Oak Creek Tragedy-Related Telephone Scams

    Oak Creek, WI: A sangat member, whose identity will remain anonymous, recently fell victim to an Oak Creek tragedy-related telephone scam. The scammer called the sangat member, claimed he was from the “White House,” promised victim assistance, including purchasing a home for the sangat member. The caller requested that the sangat member first wire funds for “processing” or “bank fees” to receive financial assistance. The sangat member wired a substantial amount of money before s/he realized that it was a scam.

    We strongly urge the nationwide community to remain vigilant and alert to Oak Creek tragedy-related scams. According to law enforcement, these type of scams may become prevalent in the coming weeks and months as criminals prey on vulnerable people who have also experienced trauma or loss. Scammers can use telephone, internet or regular mail to search for victims. They may also prey on the compassion of Sikhs nationwide.

    We advise anyone, in Oak Creek or elsewhere in the nation, who has contact with such scammers to immediately report to local law enforcement and to the FBI fraud website: ic3.gov.

    For additional information, please contact legal@sikhcoalition.org.
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