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The Sikh Coalition News
December 4, 2012

How Sikhs Celebrated Sikh Awareness Month In California

The state legislature in California declared November as Sikh Awareness and Appreciation month this year. To our knowledge, California is the only state to encourage the celebration of Sikhs and Sikh accomplishments on this scale.

To their credit, California Sikhs took advantage of this wonderful opportunity to educate their neighbors about Sikhi.

Hundreds of California Sikhs, taking inspiration from a list of projects provided by the Sikh Coalition, have organized events, led presentations and engaged with the media to celebrate this month. Below is a sample of some of the initiatives taken by the community:

School Outreach

Gurdwara/Sikh Community Outreach

  • The Sikh Coalition sent packages to over 30 California gurdwaras with information about Sikh Awareness Month. The Coalition encouraged these gurdwaras to host a non-Sikh public educational event in the coming months and provided educational materials and guidance on how to do so.
  • The Sikh Coalition partnered with 3rd i Films to present three short films about the Sikh identity on November 15. The Sikh Coalition’s advocacy manager moderated a Question and Answer session with some of the filmmakers.
  • Seminars for local educators were hosted by gurdwaras in the following cities: San Jose, Yuba City, and Fresno. Sikh Coalition staff led presentations on Sikhism and bias-based bullying against Sikh students at these events.
  • The Sikh Coalition fielded over 30 requests of assistance from California Sikhs on how to distribute resources, lead presentations and approach educators to celebrate this month.
  • San Jose Khalsa School had their students design posters celebrating the month and presented it to their public school teachers.

Media Outreach

We are inspired by the leadership of the California sangat in educating their neighbors about Sikhi. As always, the Sikh Coalition urges all Sikhs to practice their faith fearlessly.

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“The posters arrived today and they are beautiful. The information was almost all new to me, so I’m sure others will also appreciate learning about the Sikhs, who are especially significant in California! I have distributed the posters I received throughout our County Office departments, the school districts, the Court House and the County Library. Thank you so much!”

-Mrs. Kay C. Spurgeon, Superintendent of Education, Colusa County

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