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The Sikh Coalition News
December 10, 2012
  • Lessons of History and a Responsibility Never to Forget - Part III

    Today we mark Human Rights Day by concluding our three part series Lessons of History and a Responsibility to Never Forget. While Parts I and II covered the period up to 1995, Part III covers 1995 to the present day. While we recognize that books have been written about what we describe in this three part series, we hope this short series provides helpful insight into why human rights issues in the Sikh homeland of Punjab remain very much alive today and affect Sikhs in the diaspora.

    Present Day: No Normalcy and a Torn Social Fabric

    As a result of economic discrimination and a failure to meet long-standing social, economic, and political demands, Punjab grapples today with high rates of farmer suicide, widespread drug addiction, and an ever-present police state that suppresses dissent with impunity.

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