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Dear Supporter Ji,

My name is Anmol Kaur. I am 15 years old and a member of the Junior Sikh Coalition. I am writing to share with you how attending Camp Chardi Kala last year deepened my personal relationship with Sikhi and to ask for your support to help me and my team members attend camp again this year.

For the last two years, the Sikh Coalition has sponsored youth like me to attend Camp Chardi Kala (CCK) in New York as a part of our leadership development. My first time at CCK in 2011 exposed me to many role models in the Sikh community. You see, I come from a non-English speaking family in Queens, NY, so I was amazed to meet an Uncle Ji who spoke English fluently and without an accent! I had never met Sikh adults who grew up in the United States before. Being at CCK introduced me to a whole new community of Sikhs who pushed me to see endless opportunities in my personal relationship with Sikhi and in my career. I returned to camp in 2012 and am looking forward to attending again this summer with your help.

Camp Chardi Kala is an experience every young Sikh American needs. The counselors at CCK not only looked after us, but they also quickly became our mentors. They helped me strengthen my ties with Sikhi and helped me realize the power of Sangat and Gurbani. They inspired me to embrace my identity as a young Sikh woman living in America, and gave me strength to balance my relationships with Sikh and non-Sikhs. CCK also helped build my trust in my community, and enabled me to transfer my learnings to the work we do in the Junior Sikh Coalition. By attending CCK and being a member of the Junior Sikh Coalition, I feel that I am more confident, devoted, and inspired to fight for Sikh rights.

I am writing to you ask you for your support. Please help my team and I attend Camp Chardi Kala again this year. We are excited to participate in another life-tranforming summer of Seva, Sangat and Simran.

With only a few weeks left, please help us meet our fundraising goal of $7000 so we can attend camp in August!

Chardi Kala!
Anmol Kaur
Junior Sikh Coalition Member

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