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The Sikh Coalition News
July 14, 2013

Make Your Donation Now!

As part of the Junior Sikh Coalition’s year-long leadership training, we require that all youth members attend Camp Chardi Kala (CCK). We believe that CCK is an integral part of the Junior Sikh Coalition (JSC) experience, as it provides youth members with a strong Sikhi background, a supportive Sikh community, and a bonding experience with other JSC members and CCK Sangat as they start off their year-long commitment together.

In order to send 20 JSC members to CCK, who otherwise could not afford to attend, we are aiming to raise $7,000 to cover camp registration and transportation fees. We have already raised $2,641 in just one week! While we’re off to a strong start, we still need your help.

Would you like to support the Junior Sikh Coalition by sending our Sikh youth to Camp Chardi Kala this summer? You can make an impact in their lives by donating here.

Attending Camp Chardi Kala changed my life for the better during the summer of 2012. To me, it served as a spiritual journey, which strengthened my relationship with God. Also, it helped me create an everlasting network of fellow Sikhs in the tri-state area”.Rajan Kaur, 17, New Jersey

Camp Chardi Kala has helped me realize the strength in the words of Gurbani and to embrace my identity as a young Sikh woman. I hope to return to CCK every summer so I can continue to strengthen my ties with Sikhi and meet other Sikh youth that share the same values as me”. Kiranjit Kaur, 18, New York

Camp Chardi Kala introduced me to Sikhs, from all over, that were just like me! It was a unique experience to have so many Sikhs gathered in one place and I enjoyed every second of it! Pawan Singh, 16, New York

"Camp Chardi Kala has been a blast every year that I’ve attended. It’s a great way to meet other Sikhs in the area. I love the late night discussions with the counselors and the basketball tournament!"Namit Singh, 17, New Jersey

You can learn more about the Junior Sikh Coalition and its work by visiting our website, or you can contact the JSC here. To make a donation to the Camp Chardi Kala Donor Drive, visit our CCK campaign page.

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