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The Sikh Coalition News
July 20, 2013

National Day of Seva, August 3, 2013

July 20, 2013 (New York, NY) - One year after the mass shooting in Oak Creek Wisconsin, sangats all over the country are coming together to show support by organizing or participating in a National Day of Seva on August 3, 2013.

Need Inspiration?
In California, volunteers will be gathering to feed the homeless in San Francisco and Turlock. Organized by local group, SEVA Selfless Service, volunteers in the Bay Area and Central Valley will be joining this effort to provide food to those in need. Following the distribution of food, volunteers will gather to write messages of support, love and encouragement to the survivors and victims' families in Oak Creek. To sign up, please email langarseva@gmail.com.

The sangat in Detroit is looking for approximately 150 volunteers who will be working in collaboration with Kids Against Hunger to help pack 20,000 meals. They are also encouraging people to donate to cover the cost of producing those meals. To sign up, please email jaachak@gmail.com.

Need Help Getting Started?
To facilitate this collective Day of Seva, the Sikh Coalition has prepared a “Seva Toolkit” which contains suggestions and tips on:

  • how to set up a family-friendly seva project in your city
  • possible organizations to work with
  • how to engage the community and media

Need Material?
To inform your community about Sikhs and Sikhi during your Day of Seva, the Sikh Coalition is offering posters and brochures (available on our website) free of charge.

‘Who are the Sikhs?’ Poster – Display the ‘Who are the Sikhs?’ poster during your Day of Seva. The poster can be downloaded, and additional posters can also be requested for free. The posters are easy to read, and they are the perfect resource for informing others about our community. In the past, they have been displayed at libraries, classrooms, and university campuses.

‘The Sikhs’ Brochures – We also encourage you to request copies of ‘The Sikhs’ brochures, which are now available in 11 different languages. You can download and print brochures here, and you can also request additional copies for free.These brochures provide an overview of the Gurus, Guru Granth Sahib, articles of faith and core Sikh beliefs. They have been used to educate non-Sikhs about the faith in classrooms, gurdwaras, and local businesses.

To request poster-size prints or brochures, please email education@sikhcoalition.org with your name, address, the place where you intend to display the materials, quantity, and language (for the brochures.)

If you are planning a Day of Seva project, please email us and tell us at dayofseva@sikhcoalition.org.

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