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Hello Bowlers!

I'm back! Last year I sent our bowlers friendly tips, reminders and motivation to fundraise. I'm back and doing just that again!

The Bowl-a-thon is crazy fun, but let's not forget that it's a fundraising event.

Last year we raised, $75,000, yes $75,000. We're at $11,000 now. Let's see if we can get to $25,000 by Sunday night. Please make your asks this weekend! We need you!

So with that said, here is how you can get started (this weekend please):

Send an Email to Friends and Family: To make it simple, we have uploaded a sample email that you can tweak in your Fundraising Portal on the Bowl-a-thon site. There are also three sample emails you can use below. Be sure to include a link to your fundraising page!

Use Social Media: Personal messages via facebook, posts on friend's walls or tweets at friends are also very effective ways of asking. Tweak one of the email pitches below or use one of these short statuses to get started. Again, be sure to include a link to your fundraising page!

Alright, enough for now. Check out the three sample emails below to get you thinking about your email to your friends and family.

Chardi Kala,

Balbir Singh
Operations Manager
The Sikh Coalition

Here are sample email templates:

  1. Fighting For My Rights & Your Rights
  2. “Priceless”
  3. A Friendly World For Sikh Children

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