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Dear Supporter Ji,

Wow! How have we raised over $12,000 already? Is it magic?

Yes it is. It's the magic of you asking!

We are about a week from our event, and have already raised $12,000 towards our $75,000 goal. We are making good progress, but we know there are still more tricks up your sleeve.

On Thursday, we sent you fundraising tools in the form of email templates, and today, we will share some of the top tricks of our rockstar fundraisers from year's past.

So here is your "cheat sheet", "magic formula", "bag of tricks" or whatever you want to call it: Ask! Make direct asks to your friends and families. The number one reason people say they don’t give is because no one asked. Send that email or direct message! It’s the number one rule of good fundraising.

Note: You may also have to remind them a couple of times. Sending out reminders is important.

  1. Make it personal— Let people know why this is important to you and why you are so passionate about this work.
  2. Deadlines People often need deadlines to move. Let them know they have until Sunday to support you. And then, you guessed it, remind them :)
  3. ForwardAsk people to forward your message on, even if they can’t donate.
  4. Be Direct Update your status and if 10 people liked your status, but didn't donate...message them personally. And use tricks 1-3 to convince them!

And the bonus trick: Photos and videos always help! It personalizes the cause and shows how important it is to you. Plus, let's be honest, it is definitely harder to say no to someone's face (even if it is virtual).

If you use these "magic" tricks, we know you can crush it.

As always, feel free to reach out to any of us with questions. We are here to help.

Happy fundraising!

Satjeet Kaur
Development & Communication Senior Manager
The Sikh Coalition

P.S. In case you missed it, here are those email templates we have already sent out:

  1. Fighting For My Rights & Your Rights
  2. “Priceless”
  3. A Friendly World For Sikh Children

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