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Dear Supporter Ji,

I hope this email finds you well, warm & in Chardi Kala! I wanted to share a poignant experience that happened a few weeks back.

Camp was two weeks away, and while I was preparing a lesson plan on the concepts of Hukam and Sadh Sangat, my friend and colleague, Gurjot Kaur, Staff Attorney at the Sikh Coalition, was working furiously to make sure a young Sikh wouldn’t be expelled from school and charged with a crime.

This young Gursikh is a straight A student and president of his class. He was also about to be expelled and possibly charged with a crime for carrying his Kirpan to school.

Even though it was a Sunday, a day normally set aside for Gurdwara and to recharge, a Sikh’s future was on the line, and we were going to make sure that he did not have to choose between his Sikhi and his future.

When the family called, the Sikh Coalition immediately took action. The school dropped all of the charges, and this young Gursikh was back in school on Monday carrying his Kirpan.

I have grown up attending camps across the country, and now I have the honor of teaching at some camps. Camps are meant to inspire our youth to take ownership of their own journey as a Sikh, and to practice Sikhi fearlessly. But how can you practice Sikhi fearlessly if you are getting bullied at school, threatened to be expelled, or fired from your job?

Now I know not everyone is an Amritdhari Sikh, but any one of us could suffer a hate crime, be discriminated against at work, or know a child bullied at school. When that happens, we all need a Sikh Coalition ready to take action.

If the Sikh Coalition did not exist, there is a good chance that this straight A, Gursikh, Amritdhari class president would not even be at his school anymore. We need your support so that we can support those on the Sikh path when and wherever they need it.

I am honored to work for such an organization, and I implore you to support the Sikh Coalition so that we may always be at the ready.

Balbir Singh
Camp Counselor & Operations Manager at the Sikh Coalition

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