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The Sikh Coalition News
July 8, 2014
  • Announcing the "Connecting with 1984" Small Grants Pool

    The Sikh Coalition is announcing the "Connecting with 1984" Small Grants Pool to support and encourage community activism. A group of generous and committed donors have come together to offer $100,000 in small grants to individuals and/or groups who would like to create and deliver educational programs and initiatives to raise awareness within the Sikh community about the events of 1984 and beyond.

    Click here to learn more and apply.

    This year, Sikhs worldwide remember the 30th anniversary of the anti-Sikh violence during 1984. In June 1984, the Indian Army assaulted Darbar Sahib, popularly known as the “Golden Temple,” and dozens of other Gurdwaras throughout Punjab. Code-named Operation Bluestar, the assault claimed the lives of thousands of innocent Sikh worshippers and set the stage for a decade of violent state repression that claimed tens of thousands of innocents and non-combatants. Following the June attacks, Indian troops extra judicially murdered non-combatant Sikhs in the villages of Punjab during Operation Woodrose. Then in November 1984, Sikhs were hunted and murdered, in the thousands, by government-orchestrated mobs in cities throughout India following the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Although tens of thousands of Sikhs were killed between 1984 and 1994, their stories are relatively untold and most perpetrators have not been held accountable.

    Thirty years later, it is critical that we connect with recent history and empower Sikhs to create a better future for the community. With this in mind, the Sikh Coalition encourages individuals and/or small groups with ideas for initiatives that raise the Sikh consciousness to apply for the "Connecting with 1984" Small Grants Pool.

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