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The Sikh Coalition News
August 28, 2014
  • [Video] FIBA Maintains Turban Ban; Sikhs Urged to Call Foul

    August 28, 2014 (New York City) – Ignoring protests from around the world, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) decided yesterday to delay a decision on whether Sikh athletes can wear turbans. No deadline was given for addressing the issue. As a result, FIBA’s turban ban remains in effect, and turbaned Sikh athletes remain vulnerable to discrimination. The Sikh Coalition has written a protest letter to FIBA, but we need your support to move this campaign forward.

    Record a Video – #CallFoulonFIBA
    The Sikh Coalition is shocked by FIBA’s arrogance and insensitivity, and we encourage turbaned Sikhs and their friends throughout the world to participate in our #CallFoulonFIBA video campaign. Several Sikh Coalition supporters have already shared their videos on social media, and we urge you to join this campaign to keep the pressure on FIBA. When sharing your video, please be sure to use the hashtags #CallFoulonFIBA #LetSikhsPlay #SikhCoalitionFullCourtPress.

    Gurjote Singh calls foul on FIBA
    Harleen Kaur calls foul on FIBA
    Tegbir Singh calls foul on FIBA

    Why This Campaign Matters
    Although sports are designed to break barriers, FIBA is standing on the wrong side of history by creating barriers for religious minorities. In 1936, Jesse Owens—an African American—shattered Hitler’s dream of a master race by winning several gold medals during the Summer Olympics. In 1947, Jackie Robinson—an African American—broke racial barriers in American baseball. In 2014, as FIBA attempts to shut religious minorities out of professional basketball, it is the Sikh community’s turn to make history.

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