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Dear Sadh Sangat Ji,

My name is Prabjoot Kaur Lally. I’m a junior at Pace University and I’m a proud second-year member of the Junior Sikh Coalition. The Junior Sikh Coalition (JSC) is a year-long program with a strict training curriculum in advocacy, civil rights, youth organization, and professional development that is immediately applicable to our community work, academics, and careers. This journey that started for me in 2013 has offered me the opportunity to learn and grow, and created opportunities for me to share my talents by contributing back to the community.

Wherever I go, I am recognized as a youth leader. The JSC has opened doors that I didn’t believe were possible. I now have the chance of a lifetime to intern with the Mayor of New York City because of the Sikh Coalition. In my internship, I work with the Queens Borough Coordinator and am tasked with attending community meetings in Queens. I know how important it is for Sikhs to be civically involved because of JSC. We need to continue to raise awareness of our issues with leaders like the Mayor and I now have an important role in that.

The Sikh Coalition has been doing great work training youth leaders, who then go on to train other Sikh youth, and educate non-Sikhs about our faith and community throughout the tri-state area. I have learned how incredibly important this program is for developing the next generation of Sikh leaders and the power it has to change lives. However, in order to do this, the Sikh Coalition needs funding. The Sikh Coalition is a non-profit organization and the only way their programs and the JSC will run is if you donate.

I would have never been able to go to Washington D.C and attend the Sikh briefing that happened at the White House if it wasn’t for your support, I would have also not been able to attend Camp Chardi Kala if it wasn’t for the donations that the Sikh Coalition received. Your investment in me is an investment in the next generation of Sikh advocates and leaders.

The JSC prepares Sikh youth to go out into the world and make a change. Through the weekly meetings and the workshops we have led over the last two years, I have acquired skills that have enhanced my work ethic, made me more efficient, taught me leadership, but most importantly instilled in me how to be a good human being. Each year as our team grows, we hope to achieve even more and have a greater impact.

Your donation will help keep the JSC and Sikh Coalition up and running. The Sikh Coalition will be able to continue this work and keep on fighting to achieve the one thing we all want: equality for everyone. Please do your part and invest today to keep the JSC and the Sikh Coalition as active and influential as ever before.

We really appreciate your help.

Chardi Kala!

Prabjoot Kaur Lally
Junior Sikh Coalition Member

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