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The Sikh Coalition News
April 12, 2015
  • Celebrate Vaisakhi By Supporting Progress

    Dear Supporter,

    In a few short days, we will be coming together as a community to celebrate Vaisakhi. In 1699, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, asked his Sikhs to take a stand against inequality, oppression, injustice, and hate when he created the Khalsa.

    As we reflect and celebrate on our Gurus’ vision, we ask you to take a stand with us. Will you take a stand against employment discrimination, school bullying, racial profiling, and hate crimes?

    We ask you to join us in that fight, while supporting our shared progress for equality, freedom, empowerment, sangat, and seva this Vaisakhi.

    Stand with us! Donate $16.99 and
    share what you are taking a stand for

    Your investment today will immediately help us take on major corporate religious discrimination cases, increase our community pushback against inaccurate revisions to our California history books, and lead the critical charge to put more pressure on school districts to address the issue of school bullying that affects all of our children.

    Stand with us and donate $16.99
    to defend the Sikh way of life and empower the community

    Don’t forget to share! Share why you are taking a stand and we will post some of these reasons throughout the month of April on Facebook. Share with family and friends so they join you in taking a stand!

    Chardi Kala,

    The Sikh Coalition Team

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