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Dear Supporter,

In the past two months alone, the Sikh American voice has reached at least 110 million Americans through the Sikh Coalition’s strategic media engagement. This represents more than a third of the U.S. population. Thanks to your support, in just two months our media reach exceeds the year-long effort of organizations that are many times larger than ours.

This success is not a coincidence. Last October, the Sikh Coalition hired the best media professional in our area of work, because that is what our community deserves. The results speak for themselves.

Top Media Results Since June 1, 2015

These achievements are positioning Sikh Americans as thought leaders on some of the most important issues of our times.

When you invest in the Sikh Coalition we aim to get the best return possible on that investment. We look forward to continuing this work in partnership with you.

Chardi Kala,

Sapreet Kaur
Executive Director
The Sikh Coalition

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