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Dear Supporter Ji,

In 2016, the Sikh Coalition is averaging 360 news stories a month. That averages out to nearly 12 stories a day, and that work is building off the results from 2015 when we reached an incredible 160 million Americans.

We are influencing change while educating millions of Americans on the issues that matter to you most. This is the media model that’s delivering results.
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In the past month, we have broken uncharted ground by facilitating two historic national television segments on behalf of the Sikh American community. The first was Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, which was watched by at least four million Americans. The second was a segment about ending religious discrimination in our military on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, which was watched by at least another two million Americans last Friday night. Both groundbreaking segments featured the Sikh American community in a highly positive way, and both would not have been possible without the work of the Sikh Coalition.

In the first four months of this year, we have facilitated stories in national news outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Los Angeles Times, Politico and NBC. While our national media work matters enormously, we treat local news coverage across the country with equal value. In response to cases of backlash in California, Washington and Texas, nobody remains more effective at getting local media to pay attention to our community than our organization.

This media work is cost effective, sustainable and has a far greater long-term impact than any other media campaign. A feature story in the New York Times is worth the equivalent of a $50,000 advertisement buy.  A six-minute segment on The Daily Show is worth significantly more. For just $75,000 so far this year, we have delivered the equivalent of $4+ million dollars of advertising for the Sikh American community. The Sikh Coalition is second to none in returning these types of results, and we’re doing it at a fraction of the cost!

We know you want to continue to see these results, and we promise that we will continue to deliver them with your support. If we raise $100,000 over the next two months we will ensure that these results continue throughout the rest of 2016.

Donate today and make a difference. As you can see, your investment yields remarkable returns. Please consider investing in this work today.

Chardi Kala!

Sapreet Kaur, Sikh Coalition Executive Director

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