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The Sikh Coalition News
August 29, 2016
  • Back To School Educational Resources

    August 29, 2016 (New York, NY) – As summer ends and our children head back to school, the Sikh Coalition wants to remind you to consult our educational resources to better protect your children. These resources can educate non-Sikh teachers and classmates about Sikhism over the course of the upcoming school year and help prevent bullying.

    For full access to all of our school resources click here.

    The Sikh Coalition engages policymakers at the state and federal level and works with educators across the country on school standards, curriculums, Sikh awareness initiatives and anti-bullying work. Over the last year, we have launched an anti-bulling campaign with the White House, co-sponsored a landmark anti-bullying bill in California and conducted outreach to all 50 state superintendents of education asking them to review and revise their comprehensive anti-bullying policies to better address bullying proactively in our American schools.

    However, parents remain the first and best line of defense for protecting and supporting our children. The resources we develop are explicitly designed for you. These materials have already been leveraged by hundreds of parents this year.

    If your child encounters a problem at school related to school bullying, please do not hesitate to contact our Legal team, legal@sikhcoalition.org, for support. Our partnership with parents remains critical and we look forward to continuing this important work in the year ahead.

    “Who are the Sikhs” Posters & Postcards – This poster and 5x7 postcard provides your classroom with an overview of basic Sikh beliefs and fun facts about Sikh Americans. These posters are fantastic displays to provide visible awareness in your child’s classroom and an excellent introductory conversation starter for children of all ages.  To request prints, please email education@sikhcoalition.org with your name, address, quantity and where you intend to display the posters (or distribute the postcards)!

    “The Sikhs” Brochure – This brochure provides greater detail than the poster and is an excellent resource for teachers and administrators who want to learn more about the Sikh faith and community. They can be handed out at your first parent/teacher conference or when you’re stepping into a school function. To have brochures mailed to you, please email education@sikhcoalition.org.

    “How to Tie a Patka Handout” – This handout is ideal for use in classrooms to help demystify the patka and kesh for teachers, students and parents alike. It also helps ensure that a teacher will be able to assist in tying a patka, should it come loose during the day.

    Educational Video Content – This series of videos, in addition to the recent education video we developed with the Fresno County Board of Education, provides an array of additional content for children in all grades. Take a minute to review the videos, and consider asking your educators if they’re willing to show them in classrooms.

    Charlie and Blue go to a Gurdwara - This excellent video gives an introduction to Sikhism and the gurdwara. This is a great resource to share in lower elementary school classrooms. Download the video and accompanying lesson plan here.

    Teacher Appreciation Day Toolkit – This toolkit is intended to help you organize a “Teacher Appreciation Day” at your local gurdwara. The goals of the event are to highlight Sikh awareness, build relationships with local teachers, and inform school officials of school bullying concerns.

    Additional Resource Materials -You may also request a trained presenter to deliver a Sikh Awareness Presentation in your child’s classroom.  If a presenter is physically unavailable to attend your school, our staff can coordinate with your school to figure out how to collaborate in raising awareness about Sikhs. Email: community@sikhcoalition.org.

    You can also request a copy of our recent educator letter to be sent to your school. Email: community@sikhcoalition.org.

    Would you like your child to speak with an older child who can relate?  Contact the Junior Sikh Coalition.  Even if you are not in the tri-state area, a Junior Sikh Coalition member can engage directly with your child to provide support and strengthen confidence.  Email: jsc@sikhcoalition.org.   
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